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15 Famous Alumni From Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University is full of smart, talented people. Here’s a list of 15 of the coolest former Mustangs aka famous alumni from SMU. Pony up!

1. Laura Bush

This incredibly boss-woman was a Theta here, and then continued on to be the USA’s leading lady. And she still comes to our basketball games with “Dubya.” Laura, can we be you?

2. Rick Scott

The first result when you search this Florida governor on google is a comparison of Scott to Voldemort, but that’s besides the point. Reigning in the state of alligators and bizarre trailer park crimes is a huge accomplishment in itself.

3. Regina Taylor

Girl won a Golden Globe. Continue to slay, my friend.

4. Patricia Richardson

If you don’t remember seeing this lady on Home Improvement, do you even own a television?

5. Stephen Tobolowsky

Ok, Seinfeld, Californication, Glee, and Groundhog Day? Meadows strikes again.


6. Meechai Ruchuphan


7. Blake Mycoskie

Ever heard of these shoes called Toms? Yeah, you can thank this guy.

8. John Tyson

CEO of Tyson Foods. Thanks for the chicken nuggets, John.

9. Lars Frölander

An Olympic gold medal in swimming puts him on this list. While we have some other gold medalists, he gets extra points for being named Lars.

10. Jerry LeVias

A wide receiver from SMU football’s glory days, LeVias is in the NFL Hall of Fame. Pony up pride.


11. Doak Walker

See Also

This Heisman Trophy winner has his very own statue on campus. If you went here and haven’t seen it, I truly don’t know what you did during your four years here. Plus, this boy could have easily been a model.

12. David Cush

CEO of Virgin Airlines, this guy redefines the meaning of “the good k(c)ush.”

13. David Dillon

CEO of Kroger. Noticing that we have a disproportionately large number of CEO’s? Time to start taking notes on these guys.

14. Melissa Reiff

CEO of the Container Store. Melissa put the boys in their place. YGG.

15. Brian Baumgartner

Most importantly, we have Kevin from The Office. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

15 1/2. Kourtney Kardashian

Honorable mention. Only lasted two years. You tried, Kourt.

Who are your favorite famous alumni from SMU? Tell me in the comments!
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