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15 Famous Alumni From Florida State University

15 Famous Alumni From Florida State University

While being an alum is prestigious in and of itself, these 15 famous alumni from Florida State University are making us extra proud to rock garnet and gold.

We all have dreams of becoming something great, that’s why we struggled through the SAT/ACT, applied to the best school in the nation, and get up every day for our “morning” (11 a.m.) classes. Still, we are walking in the shadows of the greatest- those who conquered Tallahassee and received that diploma, those we proudly call alumni. While that title is prestigious in and of itself, these 15 famous alumni from Florida State University are making us extra proud to rock garnet and gold.

1. Barry Jenkins


Barry Jenkins has been in the spotlight lately for his film, “Moonlight”, which has been nominated for not one, but eight academy awards! Barry graduated in 2003 from FSU’s film school.


2. Jim Morrison


Jim Morrison, aka The Lizard King, aka Mr. Mojo Risin’, may have had a short-lived career here at FSU but he made sure to leave his mark. The famous Doors singer was arrested in 1963 for pulling a drunk prank after a football game- a classical Nole move.

3. Jake Owen



Heartthrob Jake Owen originally attended FSU on a golfing scholarship but turned his attention to the guitar and thus we all rejoiced.

4. Charlie Crist


Charlie Crist was a political stud during his days at FSU, having been elected Vice President of the student body and being a part of the Pi Kappa Alpha brotherhood.



5. Richard Simmons


Richard Simmons is the alum to turn to after packing on the freshman 15! His high energy workouts can even be a great pre-game pump up.


6. Sara Blakely


We all owe Sara Blakely a huge thank you for helping us rage on without sucking in. Sara attended Florida State, was a sister of Delta Delta Delta sorority, and went on to invent the ingeniousness that is Spanx.

7. Burt Reynolds



Burt Reynolds made his mark on the field, on campus, and on television screens. Burt was attended FSU on a football scholarship until he was injured, he became a brother of Phi Delta Theta, and went on to become a successful actor.

8. Cheryl Hines


Cheryl Hines is beauty, grace, and comedy – the whole Seminole package.


9. Paul Gleason


“Don’t mess with the bull, young man. You’ll get the horns”. Breakfast Club wouldn’t have been the same without Paul Gleason neither would Florida State.

10. Christine Lahti


Another Nole hitting the big screen and making us proud, Christine Lahti has appeared in her fair share of movies and television episodes.

11. Norman Thagard


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Norman Thagard is out of this world, literally. Thagard is a NASA Astronaut and honored Marine having graduated from Florida State with a master’s degree in engineering science.

12. Tony La Russa


Baseball hall of famer, Tony La Russa attended Florida State College of Law proving we noles are studs on the fields and in the classroom.


13. Faye Dunaway


Oscar winning actress, Faye Dunaway makes this list for, well, being awesome.



14. Reubin Askew


Setting the example for Charlie Crist, Reubin Askew was governor of Florida from 1971 to 1979- doing big things before most of us were born.

15. Dalvin Cook



Last but certainly not least, our 4Ever Nole. Dalvin truly was number one on the field and in our hearts, I mean, he even wrote us a letter. We wish you the best in the future and we can wait to watch you on the field.

Who are your favorite famous alumni from Florida State University? Comment below!
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