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10 Family Vacation Ideas You Should Try

10 Family Vacation Ideas You Should Try

A family vacation should be a time of bonding and memories, and while it shouldn’t be primarily created due to a place, a place can make the difference in having a memorable vacation. Here are 10 family vacation ideas you should try:

1. Disney World: Orlando, Florida:

It’s every kid’s dream to go to Disney World, and it’s no joke that Disney exceeds its own high expectations. With four parks, a town designated for shopping, and various waterparks, Disney is nearly impossible to conquer in a week. At Disney World, you’ll always be busy and entertained, and leaving will be heartbreaking. A trip can be expensive, but makes for an unforgettable family vacation. 


2. Wells, Maine:

Maine is often mistaken for a land of woods, moose, and snow, however in stark contrast is a gorgeous place to vacation. Wells is a quiet, yet relevant area where you are located minutes from the beach, close in relativity to other places, and surrounded by family fun activities. The rustic arcades will have you reminiscent of childhood, the ice-cream shops are buzzing with life on breezy nights, and the beachside sunrises will have you up at the crack of dawn. Wells is a perfect spot for a quiet family vacation filled with fun. 

3. San Diego, California:

San Diego is one of the most kid-friendly vacation spots in the U.S. and has a ton to do. Visit the renowned San Diego Zoo, take a trip to Legoland to see the amazing, or stop by SeaWorld for exhilarating rides and experiences. San Diego is a great place to vacation and is a truly beautiful city.  


4. Acadia National Park, Maine:

Visiting Acadia takes at least some level of appreciation for the outdoors, but makes for a breathtaking experience. A trip to Acadia is great for an outdoor family vacation and offers a plentiful amount of hikes, sights to see, and activities to do. 


5. Cruise:

Ever loved the thought of vacationing but hate staying in one spot for the entire trip? Try a cruise. Cruises are great for the whole family and provide endless entertainment for all age groups. If you’re unsure about the next vacation just book a cruise for something everyone will love. 

6. Bretton Woods: Bethlehem, New Hampshire:

Bretton Woods is a great year-round vacation spot. Summer activities range from ziplining to hiking and winter festivities consist of skiing and tubing. Bretton Woods is a festive place to spend Christmas and makes for a great family vacation spot. 


7. Story Land: Glen, New Hampshire:

The rides at Story Land are catered for a younger age group, but is a great place for all ages. A vacation to Story Land will have the family laughing and reminiscing on the memories that they made at Story Land. 

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8. Universal Studios: Orlando, Florida:

Universal Studios is just around the corner from Disney World and can be paired into a trip to Disney. Universal caters better to an older audience with more terrifying rides, but also has plenty to do for a younger audience as well. 


9. Washington D.C.:

Washington D.C. has enough to do to last for multiple weeks of time. With dozens of monuments and museums, a family vacation to D.C. will have the kids occupied at all times and can be a fun experience filled with learning. 

10. Ocean City, New Jersey:

Everyone loves beaches and everyone loves amusement parks so when they are paired together, it’s no surprise that they’re a hit. Ocean City is filled with amazing food, beautiful beaches, and endless entertainment. Spend the night overlooking the sunset or playing a round of glow in the dark mini-golf. The options cater to all ages and each day in Ocean City will lead to a new memory.


Where are your favorite spots to vacation with the family? Comment below to let us know!

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