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False Eye Lashes That Really Look Incredible

Eyelashes are becoming a staple within the makeup world. From mascara to enhance the natural lash, false eyelashes to lash extensions; the lash trend is continuing to thrive. When you’re looking for a more dramatic look than mascara but don’t want to spend the money on lash extensions, your best bet is false lashes- these lashes seriously look incredible. 


Moxielash lashes are the top pick for Best Magnetic Lash for 2020. These beautiful mink lashes use a magnetic eyeliner that adds color to the eyelid, attaches the lashes, and is very easy to apply! People rave about how well the Moxie lash is applied to the eyelid and how easy they are to remove. These false lashes come in many different styles from natural to dramatic. They are also windproof and waterproof. These lashes are soft, silky, and worth every penny!

Huda Beauty Classic False Lash

Huda Beauty’s lash line is extensive. They have shorties, faux mink, silk, and extra-long lashes and all of them are great. Huda Beauty’s classic lash, however, is beautiful, natural, and really does look incredible on anyone. The Classic false lashes still come in multiple styles but all of the styles mix a combination of straight and crossed fibers to create a natural volume at the lash line, in turn, a more natural overall look. They are designed to make the natural eye appear larger, enhancing the natural beauty of the eye. 

Huda Beauty Lux Silk Lash

Designed to give the lashes beautiful volume and stunning length, Huda Beauty’s Lux Silk Lash is triple stacked (stacked with three lashes in each lash section), giving you full, flirty lashes. The Lux Silk Lash is created with silk fibers for an extra soft, natural feel. These false lashes are soft, fluffy, and luxurious and can look amazing on anyone!

Velour SHE-E-O Lashes

The Velour SHE-E-O lashes are beautiful, fluffy, and fabulous. These mink lashes are glamorous and empower women with a beautiful feathery lash. These false lashes are designed to add dimension and length diversity to the lash, making the eye appear wider and the lash line thick and prominent. The Velour She-E-O lash will become one of your favorite lashes to wear. They are comfortable and beautiful! 

EYLURE Lux Silk Marquise

These false lashes are fabulous, wispy, and silky. The EYLURE lash company has a silk-effect eyelash collection that is artesian-designed and handcrafted. These false lashes are designed with different length lashes to increase dept and variance to create a more dramatic looking lash. These lashes are comfortable, light, and have incredible, length giving definition. These lashes give an incredible look to the eye and can be worn on their own for a toned-down look or with a full glam look for a dramatic, eye-catching statement. 

Kiss Ever EZ Lash

If you are looking for a Lash that doesn’t break the bank but is still natural and wearable, Kiss Ever EZ Lash is an incredible option. The EZ Lash is made with top-quality natural hair fibers which allow for them to be very lightweight. They are reusable and come with an easy applicator for fast, clean application. These false lashes add maximum length to the lashes and create a dramatic statement with any look. 

Lashliner Dallas Kit

Lashliner is a magnetic eyelash extension kit that is designed to be windproof, waterproof, and beautiful. These lashes are easy to apply, once the eyeliner is dried, the lashes will essentially click into place, creating a long-lasting hold. Lashliner designs all of their lashes with natural fibers and human hair. The Dallas option of the kit includes fluffy, full, lengthy lashes. These synthetic lashes are wispy, full, and natural and create a beautiful looking lash line. Even better, these false lashes are vegan and cruelty-free!

See Also

House Of Lashes Iconic Light False Lashes

House of Lashes is a lash brand that makes dramatic, bold lashes with a thinner lash band for maximum comfort. Their Iconic Light false lashes combine a dramatic V-formation within the lashes with crisscrossing lashes to create a more natural, full volume effect. These false lashes come at a minimum price point and will often last at least 8 wears. These false lashes are dramatic, stunning, and worth the money spent to wear them. House of Lashes creates icon worthy lashes at a price we can afford! 

Lilly Lashes The Wedding Lash

The Wedding Lash is wispy, bold, and full of body. Lilly Lashes create long-lasting lashes for every occasion. The Wedding Lash is one of their best sellers, adding dramatic length, full volume, and whimsical definition to the lashes. These lashes are 15mm in length, creating length that helps to make the eye appear larger and bright. The best part about them, they last for up to 25 wears and are easy to clean and care for. The Wedding Lash is perfect for a special occasion like a wedding or a dressed up night out with the girls and look great on any face shape! 

Uptown Mink Magnetic Lashes

These magnetic false lashes are easy to use, fully, and glamorous. With the help of the magnetic eyeliner, these lashes only require one magnetic lash per eye, as opposed to the original magnetic lash which required two. These Mink lashes are designed using delicate mink fibers for a natural-looking lash that enhances the natural volume of your lash line and creates a dramatic, beautiful looking eye. The magnetic nature of these false lashes makes them long-lasting as the liner is easy to remove from the lash, and the eye and does not require additional mascara. 

Wearing false lashes is a fun, flirty way to amp up your makeup look and enhance the natural beauty of your eyes by creating a dramatic, bold look. Remember that whenever you remove your lashes to gently remove any glue or magnetic liner that is attached to the lash line using makeup remover. Store your lashes in their trays to maintain their natural shape. This will help to maximize the number of wears that you get out of each lash. 

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