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10 Fall Wedding Decor Ideas You’ll Want For Your Big Day

Every season is unique. There are colors, decorations and aesthetics completely specific to that particular time of year. That means planning a wedding can revolve around whatever time you decide to celebrate. If you’re looking for inspiration for your upcoming fall wedding, or simply want some ideas to use in the future this list is for you. These suggestions incorporate the best parts of fall. From the vibrant colors, the foliage and overall items that fit perfectly for this season. You’ll be impressed by the different ways you can think outside of the box when it comes to a fall wedding.

1. Aisle Lined With Pumpkins

Of course when you think of fall you think of pumpkin. If you’re looking for an interesting way to incorporate this infamous gourd consider the photo below. Line your aisle with your pumpkins. It’s different because it’s subtle. It definitely isn’t what people expect it to be. You can choose pumpkins that all look the same to maintain a sense of symmetry or you can pick ones of varying shapes and sizes. To make sure your ceremony doesn’t look like an actual pumpkin patch place leave wreaths around the base of each pumpkins. You can also use a seal to make the pumpkins lat longer.

2. Pine Cone Place Card

Or another way you can incorporate pumpkins into your wedding would be to create this decorative piece. This structure would be perfect for the reception or even the ceremony as people walk in. This fall wedding décor incorporates everything you could possibly think of when it comes to this season. It not only utilizes pumpkins it also uses flowers, candles and it’s all places on top of tree stumps. This is an absolutely elegant piece that will blow your guests away. The best part is there is no right or wrong way to piece this together. You could make it as large as in this photo or you can make it smaller. Whatever works for your special day.

3. Wood Barrel With Fall Bouquets 

Another resourcefully unique fall wedding décor item are wooden barrels. They’re incredibly rustic in the best possible way. You could even use these to line your aisle. Or if you’re looking for something for your reception this will definitely work as well. Place these barrels throughout your reception as makeshift cocktail tables. Or you can use these as tables to hold appetizers and desserts. You could even find one large and stable enough to put you wedding cake on it. There’s an infinite amount of ways you can incorporate barrels into your wedding.

4. Pumpkins And Candles On Logs

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate the fall season in every aspect of your wedding consider recreating the photo below. Use pine ones, yes pine ones, as place holders. Put these at the entrance of your reception and place the name cards so people know what table they’re at. Placing them in pine ones than in typical card holders or just flat on the table is so different your guests would never expect it.

5. Wooden Arch With Burnt Orange Fabric And Flowers

Repeat after me; candles, candles and more candles. You absolutely want to incorporate these into your fall wedding. They’ll create the perfect romantic atmosphere for your special day. But instead of getting the typical white tea candles instead look for ones that are deep red and even black. While they may seem slightly gothic that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially for a fall wedding. And if you’re concerned with actually using candles at your wedding you can easily find flameless candles that will give you the desired aesthetic you want without worrying about a possible fire. Adorn then with fake berries at the base and you have yourself the perfect décor or even center pieces.

6. Red And Black Candles With Berries

You obviously can’t have a fall wedding without using lanterns in some form. Instead of using lanterns as center pieces or to line the aisle hang them from trees. Hanging them from trees is brilliantly unexpected. No one would think to utilize every aspect of their venue but by doing this. To make sure you don’t jeopardize the safety of your guests or the tree make sure you use flame less candles. You can put a timer on them so that way they turn okay at a specific time and no one will have to actually light a bunch of candles attached to a tree.

7. Rope Hung Black Lanterns

When you’re thinking of fall wedding décor you’re probably also wondering what can you use to create a different center piece that your guests will remember are these. Below is a photo of using actual wheat to create a beautiful fall bouquet. No one will expect you to use something so simple and mundane as the main piece of your tables.

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8. Wheat Centerpieces Tied Together With Flowers

Just one more item on this list that heavily uses pumpkins. Do a little Halloween diy by carving and hollowing our your pumpkin. But instead of making a spooky face just create an opening wide enough to fit cards. Paint your pumpkins, paint on your initials and now you have a unique and different card holder. This is a way your guests can put any congratulation cards or you can even ask guests to put suggestions and tips for a successful marriage.

9. Carved Pumpkin Card Holder

Whoever said you can’t have colors in your fall wedding décor are wrong. You definitely can, it just matters how you do it. This is something you can either use on your tables or as a decorative table that holds food. Find a beautiful, crushed velvet table runner that comes in this vibrant icy navy. To offset this get some renaissance inspired candle holders.

10. Melted Pillar Candles With Blue Velvet Runner

If you’re getting married outside during the fall you’ll definitely want to make sure you have a breathtaking arch to get married under. Or even just one to take photos at. This doesn’t actually require a lot of work. All you need is a simple wooden arch. From there place a sorbet orange colored material around the arch. Then tie a bit of whatever flowers you’re going to be using during the wedding and bam you have a photography worthy arch. Also place some oversized lanterns and you’ll look like a fall, wedding queen alongside your new partner for life.

What fall wedding decor ideas would you try? Comment below!
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