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Fall Trends To Watch Out For This Year

Deciphering high fashion isn’t always easy. If you’re looking at the Fall 2019 shows and trying to figure out what the fall trends will be this article is for you. Below are a few fall trends to watch out for. These are the colors, cuts and styles that were dominating the runways this year. If you’re a little apprehensive in going all out these trends are much more accessible than others. Just because you didn’t storm the runways in London or Milan doesn’t mean you can’t still keep up with the fall trends. These are the items you’ll definitely want in your closet this upcoming season. 

Pistachio Green

While we all still love mint, there’s a new shade of green on the market. Pistachio green ensembles made waves through several designers this year. While it isn’t exactly pastel it also isn’t exactly earth toned, it’s kind of a happy medium between the two. Already department stores and other shops are taking notice of this trend. It’s a nice change of pace from the fall famous forest green shade that people usually wear every autumn. 

Romantic Goth

Romantic goth isn’t just a Tumblr tag. The Fall 2019 runways were riddled with flowery, dark pieces. You don’t have to go out and buy a ton of black lipstick to enjoy this trend either. This look is actually perfect if you loathe the idea of putting away all of your floral pieces. Instead of hanging them up add a twist by layering black sweaters, black tights, black boots, you get the idea. People will be impressed at your ability to transform your wardrobe for every season.  

Spots, Spots, Spots

If you’re still having horrible flashbacks to mid-2000s leopard/cheetah print pieces take a deep breath because it’s back, but significantly better. Designers have taken the typically not-so-classy print and turned it into something actually stylish and somewhat vintage. Some have taken this fall trend rewound the clock to make it look something a rocker from the 70s might have worn. Others put it on typically preppy items to made it slightly more edgy. Whichever look you’re trying to achieve there will be pieces you’ll want to invest in that will actually make you look good. 

Edgy Lace

Designers all took a darker take an a typically hyper-feminine material this fall. The runways sported lace treading away from whimsical cuts and instead models looked like they stepped out of a Cure song. With this new trend you won’t have to worry about looking like a little girl when wearing lace this fall. These more edgier designs are perfect for the fall season.  


Feel free to hang up your puffy jackets from last year. Swap them out for easier to style fleece outerwear. Jackets made from sherpa and fleece are significantly more manageable than large, ski-like jackets and they’re also probably warmer. These aren’t your typical “home on the range” styled jackets either. Brands are outdoing themselves by adding more intricate patterns, colors and unexpected details. This is one practical fall trend everyone should get behind, everyone needs a durable jacket. 

See Also

Suit Up

Gone are the days of suits that make women look like they got dressed blind in the mens section. While shoulder pads are making a comeback, albeit with a modern twist, the suit trend is significantly more accessible. Women’s clothes tend to fall short when it comes to business attire, but designers are trying to change that this fall. The key with finding the best power suit is to take into consideration your personal measurements. You’ll want to make sure your suit is, all puns intended, tailor made for you. There are a few department stores that still offer in-store alterations. Be sure to take advantage of that when purchasing this fall trend. 

Caped Crusader

This is a fall trend that might sound intimidating, but it isn’t. A cape is the happy medium between a poncho and a jacket. Wearing one of these on a normal day won’t just make you look fashion forward, they’re also pretty practical. You’ll be able to be incredibly stylish while allowing the outfit you have underneath still fairly visible. It’s the best of both worlds. 

What fall trends will you be trying this year? Comment below!
Shelby Filangi

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