5 Fall-Themed Coffees You Should Try This Season

5 Fall-Themed Coffees You Should Try This Season

The fall season is upon us. That means pumpkin spice and everything nice! Often we get roped into ordering the same coffee day in and day out at our favorite coffee shops. We want to be more adventurous, but sometimes we just aren’t ready to make the switch just yet. However, sometimes a switch can be worth it if your coffee has just been tasting so-so this season.

Sick of your same old coffee? Well, fall is certainly a time to switch up your drink order. Here are five fall-themed coffees you should try this season!

1. Pumpkin Spice Latte

The quintessential fall beverage is the PSL. You cannot turn on your tv without seeing a commercial for a pumpkin spice latte offered at either staple chains Starbucks or Dunkin. Where to go for the latte spends on how strong you prefer your java.

If you like a PSL with a little more kick, you’re definitely going to want to hit Starbucks, but if you’re looking for a light latte, Dunkin is your destination. Whatever you decide you will be sipping on pumpkin bliss!

5 Fall Themed Coffees You Should Try This Season

2. Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee

A signature fall flavor of Honey Dew Donuts, this beverage is plentiful of fall flavors. Rocking a combination of zesty cinnamon and soft hazelnut, this drink is both sweet and spicy. Make sure that you can handle the cinnamon flavor, or else this drink may be lost of you. If you can it will blend seamlessly into your coffee routine.

And while Honey Dew is not in as many locations as Dunkin or Starbucks, there is plenty of ground and K Cup versions of this coffee flavor as well. So not to fear cinnamon and hazelnut lovers, your need will be met one way or another this fall!

5 Fall Themed Coffees You Should Try This Season

3. Maple Pecan Coffee

A seasonal flavor at Dunkin, this fall-themed coffee will have you feeling like it’s autumn. It has been a staple to the chain’s fall menu for the past two years. The drink captures the sweet and buttery nature of pecans, making you feel like your sipping on the liquid version of a pie.

If you’re looking for a change in beverage this fall and enjoy a drink that’s fairly sweet, this is the beverage for you. You can get this drink hot or iced depending on your preference. So get a cup while you can!

5 Fall Themed Coffees You Should Try This Season

4. Cinnamon Dolce Latte

Another Starbucks classic is the cinnamon dolce latte. The drink gives you plenty of kick as it blends the flavors of cinnamon, milk, and coffee into one beverage. It is only a drink I would recommend for someone who isn’t afraid of a strong beverage.

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If you typically are not a fan of cinnamon flavored things like gum or tea, then this probably would not be your drink. However, if you are I would order this drink next time you pop into Starbucks!

5 Fall Themed Coffees You Should Try This Season

5. Caramel Frappe

While this a drink that McDonald’s offers all throughout the year, it feels like a perfect drink to be sipping on in the fall. If you’re not in the hot drinks and still look a cool coffee as a refresher in the fall season this is definitely the drink for you. It’s like a coffee and caramel infused milkshake that you will finish every last bit on.

To get the full effect of the caramel flavor, have some apples as a side with your drink. Candy apple vibes are always appreciated this time of year!

5 Fall Themed Coffees You Should Try This Season

Which of these fall-themed coffees will you try? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section!

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