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8 Fall Road Trips You Have To Go On This Year

8 Fall Road Trips You Have To Go On This Year

It’s getting to be the fall, and you have a variety of free weekends or days off of class to travel with your friends. Why wouldn’t you? Still, it can be difficult to find great places to hang out during the fall considering how nasty the weather is at times. Do not fear over the cold or rain, here are some places to go that will be worth your while to visit in any weather.

1. The Great Pumpkin Farm

Don’t assume this attraction is straight out of Charlie Brown, this farm is located inside of Clarence, New York. Open from September 15th all the way through Halloween, The Great Pumpkin Farm is loaded with not only stacks upon stacks of perfect pumpkins, but also treats, attractions, contests, and games. It’s great for kids, but that translates to young adults too considering how much fun I’ve seen people in their young 20s when it comes to zombie paintball, petting zoos, and corn mazes. 

8 Fall Road Trips You Have To Go On This Year


2. Great Vermont Maze

This isn’t an ordinary maze of hedges you’d see in a movie: Try children of the corn. Actually though, this maze isn’t scary at all. The Big Maze covers twenty four acres and is a little over a two hour hike. Along the maze are plenty of emergency exits for stepping out in order to use the bathroom or to grab a drink while you solve this magnificent problem. While they pride themselves on offering an interesting structure to keep it entertaining, there is also the disclosure that many teenagers will find this frankly boring. Still, mid 20s onwards, you are good to go on that exercise as you explore this awesome maze.

3. Asylum 49

Yep, you can guess what this is. Taken straight out of early 2000s video games (as well as your worst nightmares), this haunted house in Tooele Utah is considered to be one of the most haunted places in America. What used to be a real hospital and then nursing home has now become a truly terrifying place. Visitors may be taken from their groups during the tour and strapped to hospital beds, and if that isn’t enough to scare you, there’s ghost tour of the so-called haunted hospital wings.

8 Fall Road Trips You Have To Go On This Year


4. Nashville Nightmares

Another haunted house for the Halloween enthusiasts reading this list, Nashville Nightmares is a place for the daring who might not want to venture out into the rural nowhere for your spooky fall-time experience. It’s rated to be one of the best haunted houses in America, and the professional actors, as well as the sets and props, simply do not promise to disappoint.

5. Horrible Imaginings Film Festival

If you want the scary experience but you don’t feel like getting shoved in the dark or grabbed, here’s the fall place to be for you. Running early in the year from August 30th through September 1st, This sci-fi, horror, fantasy event will provide you with plenty of creative inspiration to keep you entertained and occupied for the better part of fall this year.

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6. Honey Pot Hill Orchards

How do you like them apples? Hopefully alright, seeing as this is an apple farm. Aside from looking spectacular, this magical place consists of 180 acres of different apple types as well as hay rides and hedge mazes. This year they open July 17th, so hurry on up to Stow, Massachusetts to get your hot cider, apple-picking, and caramel apple fall road trips on.

7. The Catskills

‘Leaf-peeping’ as it is sometimes called may sound like an oddly specific hobby, but it sure sounds like fun. This means traveling to see the prettiest sights of leaves when they come into season, which is in character for the fall road trip you’ve been waiting for. Located three hours north of New York City during late-September to late-October, come and see the awe-inspiring colors of these beautiful trees. 

8. Blue Ridge Parkway

A roadway through Virginia and North Carolina, these 469 miles of road will give you the scenic road trip aesthetic you’ve been waiting for. Gorgeous Appalachian forests of North Carolina and farmsteads for miles, what better way to take a road trip somewhere than to cherish the destination less than the journey? At least, I would think so.


8 Fall Road Trips You Have To Go On This Year

Which fall road trips have you been planning to take this year?

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