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7 Fall Road Trips To Take In Florida

7 Fall Road Trips To Take In Florida

Your adventure can practically become limitless with a tank of gas. Listed below are just some of the many ideas of potential fall road trips in Florida!

Tallahassee is the definition of a college town. It’s overtaken by the university’s population, culture, economic, and social life and because of this, Florida State isn’t low on any form of late night entertainment. We offer a range of night life options that varies from clubs and frat parties, to midnight movies and student government funded events. However, after a couple weeks of the same things and realizing that campus practically turns into a ghost town on the weekends, you might get a little stir crazy. This is when the idea of a road trip starts to kick in. Tallahassee might not have the most to offer but within the distance of a full tank of gas, or about 250 miles, your day or weekend adventure can practically become limitless. Listed below are just some of the many ideas of potential fall road trips in Florida!

1. Explore the nature trails in Wakulla Springs, FL.

26 minutes, 15.7 miles

More of a day trip instead of a weekend getaway, Wakulla Springs is home to one of the largest freshwater springs in the world. Offering glass bottom tours, nature trails, and more. Just make sure you’re okay with jumping into some freezing water, because Wakulla Springs is known to be a bit chilly.


 2. Check out the museums in Thomasville, GA.

47 minutes, 34.3 miles

Easily known for its cute coffee hang outs and historic downtown shopping district, Thomasville might give you the small town feel but still offers you big city entertainment. If you want more of a historical feel, they have multiple museums and national historic landmarks. If you’re a food junkie, they host a “Taste of Thomasville” almost every Friday!

3. Go on a fishing trip in Apalachicola, FL.

1 hour 36 minutes, 78.5 miles


If you have a love of seafood and/or fishing this is the place for you. Close to the beach with an endless supply of national parks, state forests, and protected shallow bays you’re bound to have some outdoor adventures.

4. Walk the pier in Panama City Beach, FL.

2 hours 18 minutes, 111.5 miles

One of the closest beaches to Tallahassee, this famously know spring break location is actually quite tame during it’s off season. Still offering its beautiful pier, strip of restaurants and shops, and the option to even bring your pup your day will be filled with fun. You can easily make this into a day trip by waking up early, but if you’re one to stay longer, Groupon offers multiple affordable deals during this off season.


5. Take in the history of St. Augustine, FL, the oldest city in America!

3 hours 9 minutes, 205.4 miles

If you’re a bit of a history junky this getaway is your place to visit. The nation’s oldest city offers everything from museums, beaches, and an old time magic feel as you walk around brick buildings and cobble stone walkways.


6. Visit a few of the parks in Orlando, FL!

4 hours 7 minutes, 247.9 miles

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Considered another college town this city is also one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Not only offering people an array of Disney parks such as: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios, you can get a little more of a scarier feel with Universal’s upcoming Halloween Horror Nights. While an obvious destination for fall road trips in Florida, Orlando is also a hot spot for concerts that usually don’t make it to Tallahassee so maybe include a show during your stay.


7. Explore Atlanta, GA over a long weekend.

4 hours 18 minutes, 261.1 miles

This might just be a little more than a tank of gas, but it’s surely worth it. As the capital of Georgia, this city is a hot spot and melting pot of culture and life. From music, landmarks, sports, museums, arts, events, and a never-ending list of more Atlanta is most likely a trip to take for a long weekend.

All in all life was meant for good friends and great adventures so treat yourself to some amazing memories with these fall road trips in Florida! Drive safe!

Where are your favorite fall road trips in Florida? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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