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5 Fall Road Trips To Take Around UNH

5 Fall Road Trips To Take Around UNH

Take advantage of any free time you may have and plan a fun road trip around campus at UNH. Keep reading for 5 fall road trips to take around UNH!

Fall is already flying by! Take advantage of any free time you may have and plan a fun road trip around campus at UNH. From beaches to picking apples, there’s plenty to do. Keep reading for 5 fall road trips to take around UNH!

1. Have the perfect chicken noodle soup for lunch at The Soupery.

What is better then a hot bowl soup of soup on a chilly day? Nothing. A great place to visit is The Soupery conveniently located right in Portsmouth, NH. As you walk in, you will be amazed at how small the place is however the selection of soups everyday will have you returning almost instantly. The Soupery just moved into downtown Durham, but if you want to have a fun day- head to Portsmouth, NH, the town square is super cute!

2. Pick apples and have hot chai cider at Emery Farm!

If you want to taste the best hot cider around take a trip to Emery farm. Their hot chai ciders will be your new hot drink of the season. During your visit don’t forget to explore through the farm to find the perfect pumpkin to carve this month. Who doesn’t love hot cider with a twist of chai AND perfect pumpkins! My personal favorite of the fall road trips to take around UNH.


3. Try new flavors of coffee at Breaking New Grounds.

If you are a coffee lover, Breaking New Grounds is the place for you. They have hundreds of coffee flavors to choose from  and of course the edible goodies. They offer a variety of  fresh bagels, muffins, and pastries! I recommend their snickerdoodle iced coffee. After my first sip, I knew I would be a loyal customer. If it’s exam week or just a stressful week in general Breaking New Grounds has tables and comfy couches for students to relax in a studious atmosphere, with the perks of yummy coffee! If you want to get the best edible goodies, make sure you get their early in the day!

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4. Plan your next date at Market Square.

If you are an out of state student make sure to visit Market Square in Portsmouth NH. With its colonial brick buildings that house the shops and restaurants of Portsmouth, you are sure to find an outfit and a place to grab a bite for your next date! Don’t forget about the entertainment at night with live music filling the streets, as you walk back to your car. Portsmouth offers so many fun things, make sure you plan a trip with your roomies or your special someone!

Is Market Square on your list of fall road trips to take around UNH?

5. Picnic at Footbridge Beach in Ogunquit!

Take the bus to neighboring towns like Ogunquit or Wells Maine. It is a short trip just a little outside of Durham, NH.  Here you will find Footbridge Beach, where you can enjoy sitting in the sand wrapped in blankets and get the perfect shot for Instagram. If you are not a fan of the beach there are many boutiques and restaurants to choose from. On a college student budget the $13 bus ticket makes this trip worthwhile!

Where are your favorite fall road trips to take around UNH? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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