10 Fall Road Trips To Take Around Temple

Is anybody else tired of putting on three layers of deodorant? Being constantly sticky? Well, lucky for us fall is almost here! Whether you’re a freshman or a senior that’s about to graduate, don’t you dare overlook these great potential fall road trips to take around Temple!

1. Art Museum

(Distance from Temple University: 1.8 miles)

You don’t have to be into history or actually know anything about the past. Walking through the dark cool halls in this building will uncover the mysteries that are behind each painting or art work.

2. Reading Terminal Market

(Distance from Temple University: 2.0 miles)

What makes this place great is the wide variety of different cultures coming together with food. Other than visiting here on holidays, come here when it’s less packed to engulf in the warm atmosphere it gives off.

3. Chinatown

(Distance from Temple University: 0 miles)

Honestly speaking, this place makes my stomach feel happy. There are tons of different kinds of Asian cuisine that you have got to try. Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indian, and so many more dishes are available to you.

4. Boathouse Row

(Distance from Temple University: 2.7 miles)

It is worth seeing the houses tastefully lit up during the evening. It is not that interesting at any other time of the day. During the daytime, they are just nice big old houses. If it’s too dark, only the outlines of the houses show.

5. Spruce Street Harbor Park

(Distance from Temple University: 4.3 miles)
HOLD ON, CAN WE JUST PAUSE FOR A MOMENT? This place is just breathtaking at night. It’s great for night strolls with friends. If you just want a bite to eat with a view, this place has it all. It is great in the morning time as well, don’t get me wrong, it raises your spirits in the right place.

6. Philadelphia Zoo

(Distance from Temple University: 3.7 miles)

The PECO Primate Reserve to Reptile and Amphibian House, McNeil Avian Center, Small Mammal House and every creature & beast in between is exhibited at the zoo. It’s kind of expensive with the tickets and the food that is served inside the park, so a once in a while trip is more than enough.

7. LOVE Park

(Distance from Temple University: 2.4 miles)

See Also

The LOVE sculpture seems big in the picture, but it is not that large in person. Although, it is very beautiful! The water place behind the sign is very cooling in the summer. (While it’s temporarily closed as of 8/9/2016, it will be opened soon!)

8. Rittenhouse Square

(Distance from Temple University: 3.1 miles)

When the sun is out, I love grabbing a cold soda and walking to Rittenhouse to people and dog watch. The trees there are gorgeous. Every one of all ages should come to this park to enjoy it while they’re in Philly.

9. Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

(Distance from Temple University: 2.9 miles)

For only, $5-$7 you get to walk through among beautiful mosaics by a Philadelphia born artiste. It doesn’t get any better than that.

10. Any of the amazing restaurants that Center City has to offer.

You really can’t go wrong, every single one that I’ve been to has been a great experience.

(Distance from Temple University: 2.4 miles)

Where are your favorite fall road trips to take around Temple? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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Sofia Thomson

Sofia was born and raised in Philadelphia. She's a rising senior at Temple, majoring in psychology on a pre-PT track. The first love of her life is food as it has never failed to lift her up. The second love(s) of her life are definitely her friends. She's a huge Korean drama fanatic and could sit there and watch it for days...except of course when she's hungry again. She likes to draw, but words are how she likes to express herself the best. Her experience at Temple has been anything but cliché and she's still learning a lot about herself and the world around her, and she wants to use her words to share that experience with others.

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