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10 Fall Road Trips To Take In New York

10 Fall Road Trips To Take In New York

From apple picking to camping, there are plenty of things to do in New York. Keep reading for 10 fall road trips to take in New York!

Fall is officially here and what better way to celebrate than by planning a road trip? From apple picking to camping, there are plenty of things to do in New York. Keep reading for 10 fall road trips to take in New York!

1. Explore Boldt Castle!

Boldt Caslte is one of those straight-out-of-a-fairytale places located just an hour and a half north of Cuse in the Thousand Island region of New York. It sits on its own island, so your journey there will truly feel like a moat-crossing, princess adventure. The 120 room castle was built by George C. Boldt (who managed New York City’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel) as a display of his love for his wife, Louise. Yeah, I’ll take a Mr. Boldt with a side of beautiful castle. Make a weekend of the trip and explore another…or 999 other islands!

2. Take selfies at Niagra Falls.

Cuse to views real quick. In just under three hours, we can get to Niagra Falls from campus. How lucky are we?? The falls are breathtaking and there is always something interesting going on, as it’s a pretty touristy area. Also, if you decide to check out the view from Canada, know that the drinking age there is 19…just saying.

3. Eat as many apples as possible at the Ithaca Apple Festival.

The 34th Annual Great Downtown Ithaca Apple Harvest Festival is coming up on September 30th-October 2nd, ladies and gents! With Ithaca being less than an hour away from campus, it would be insane to miss it. Every apple variety will be at your service and there will be apple cider donuts, fresh baked goods, live performances, kettle corn, and around-the-world specialties. You’ll go back to class tossing apples to every professor in sight. “A” is for apple? Nah, “A” is for your next assignment.

4. Go gorge jumping in Ithaca!

Before temperatures drop…I mean plummet, check out the gorgeous gorges in Ithaca! If you manage to gather enough courage, close your eyes, say a prayer, and jump! I recommend having your thrill at a gorge like Robert H. Treman State Park, where there are lifeguards. While you’re in town there, check out all the kick-booty dining options Ithaca has to offer.

5. Explore the vineyards of The Finger Lakes.

The Finger Lake region is just a reach away (pun intended), and is another perfect destination for fall road trips in New York! If you love hiking, this is the perfect place to seek out mind-blowing views. If you hate hiking, this is the perfect place to seek out a mind-blowing brunch. For the over 21 crowd, take a wine tour on the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail! If you’re that 18 year-old friend, make the most of the trip by gallivanting through the vineyard, stuffing yourself with grapes.

Are the fingerlakes on your list of fall road trips in New York?

6. Zip line at Howe Caverns.

Okay, it’s time to set your inner seven year-old free. It takes just under two hours to drive to Howe Caverns from campus and, once you’re there, you won’t want to leave. You can tour the caverns, zip line, try the rope course, air jump, and do so much more. My question is, HOWE don’t more people know about this place??

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7.  Dine in New York City.

Now that you go to school in the Empire State, it’s time to get into the Empire State of mind! Book it out of your last class on Friday, hop in a car (or a bus) and head to the city that never sleeps. How could you take fall road trips in New York and not go to NYC? There’s way too much to see in one weekend, but places like The Highline, the Brooklyn Bridge, and SoHo, are musts.

There’s also way too much to eat but, if you can, head over to Momofuko Milk Bar, Tanoreen, Black Tap, Doughnut Plant, byChloe, Milon, Dirt Candy, and anything edible in Chelsea Market. Oh and DO NOT miss your chance to discover what pizza is supposed to taste like. It’s also against NYC Weekend Trip Protocol to miss out on the #poppin nightlife. Eeny meeny miny moe, to which turnt club will we go? Four and a half hours never looked so good.

8. Take in the history of Seneca Falls.

As I’m sure you’ve know since your first American History class ever, this place played a pivotal role in the Women’s Right Movement. That, and all it’s attractions make it the perfect place for a girl’s weekend (guys welcome too; we don’t discriminate)! From campus, it takes just under an hour to get to The Women’s Rights National Historical Park, wine trails, and a bunch of quaint, cozy taverns. I vote yes!

9. Go chateau touring in Quebec City.

If you really want to go for a full-on road trip, I suggest checking out Quebec City! The seven hour drive will be one of the most scenic rides ever as you travel up through New York and Vermont mountains. The things-to-do list goes on and on, and varies from Old Quebec shopping and sightseeing, to hiking Montmorency Falls, to château touring, to brushing up on your French. It’s romantic and fun; just a magnifique fin de semaine!

10. Camp Lake George!

It’s time to bring out your inner girl scout, take the three-hour drive to Lake George, and plant yourself on the perfect campsite. It is the ultimate in terms of fall road trips in New York for lovers of the outdoors. The place is literally bubbling with places to boat, water ski, raft, hike or bike! There are also plenty of lakeside bars and restaurants to check out before you head back to your luxurious, five-star tent.

 Which of these fall road trips to take in New York do you want to go on? Comment below and share the article!
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