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8 Fall Road Trips In Los Angeles

8 Fall Road Trips In Los Angeles

It is travel season all year round here in LA. Keep reading for 8 fall road trips in Los Angeles that you should definitely take!

As the weeks start to fly by on campus, and you’re wishing for change like the weather, take the time to plan out some trips to take around Los Angeles. There’s plenty to explore! The good news about living in Southern California? It is travel season all year round. Keep reading for 8 fall road trips in Los Angeles that you should definitely take!

1. Chow down in Downtown LA.

I know what you may be thinking… DTLA is hardly a fall trip. In that case, you have been doing it all wrong. From ramen and niche shopping in Little Tokyo to dim sum and bargaining in Chinatown, there are tons of other ways to spend your day in the city. Not to mention, a trip to The Last Bookstore can take a day in and of itself…

2. Walk The Santa Monica Pier.

Visiting the Santa Monica Pier is much more than a summer-only activity. Throughout the year, there are street performers, free concerts, shops, food, and cheesy tourist gifts. What’s not to like?


Bonus: you can enjoy the beach without sand getting everywhere. Even then, if sand is your thing, the beach is always open.


3. Hollywood-no joke!

Grab your friends and grab your fanny packs. You are going on a tourist trip! Yeah, we all know Hollywood and its busy streets. But, there is nothing compared to going ALL OUT and hitting the touristy places you usually avoid like the plague. It is time to explore the Hollywood Walk of Fame, place your feet in the footprints at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, play on the nearby piano stairs, make a chocolate bar at the Sweet! candy store, and visit Ripley’s Believe It or Not. You will not regret it!


4. See a film in any of the ArcLight Cinemas.

With locations all over Southern California, you have your pick of day trips. Spend a day in Pasadena or Sherman Oaks and end your night in a spacious theatre with the newest technology. Besides showing the biggest current releases, ArcLight also screens indie films and classics. You simply can’t go wrong with Pretty in Pink on the big screen.

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5. Go on a walking city tour!

One of the best ways to experience the city is guided tours. Even if you visit LA frequently, there is nothing like really getting to know your city. You can find Groupon deals online for any number of guided tours that include cupcake tours of LA, chocolatier tours of Beverly Hills, and (especially during the fall months) haunted tours of the cities. Just do me a favor: wear some comfy shoes and be ready to walk, walk, walk.

6. Horror nights at theme parks.

There are several theme parks across Southern California that would be perfect for fall road trips in Los Angeles. The best part? They are all close enough, so you never even have to choose which one is your favorite. Fall brings out the Halloween spirit in corporations. Suddenly, parks add their own spooky touches with decorations, food, and fun attractions. Whether you bring a younger family member to Disney for trick-or-treating or decide to scare your pants off at Universal’s Horror Nights, seasonal fun is within driving distance! Do not forget to check the USU Ticket office for special discounts!


7. Get spooky in The Queen Mary.

Speaking of getting your seasonal spook on, there is no better place than the Queen Mary. Whether you take a day tour to learn about the ship’s rich history or opt for one of their night tours (you can even dare to spend the night on a paranormal investigation), fun abounds. And, remember: the ghosts will only scare you, if you let them.  


8. Explore pumpkin patches and corn mazes.

In the most festive of ways, we end this list of fall road trips in Los Angeles with one of the most beloved fall trips in the country: the pumpkin patch trip. It is hard to not get nostalgic while exploring a pumpkin patch. Whether you pick out a cute pumpkin to spruce up your dorm or take a trip into the corn maze, smiling is the only real option at a pumpkin patch. A not-so-secret secret: carving a pumpkin in college is just as fun as when you were a kid.

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