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15 Fall Photoshoot Ideas To Get Some Serious Inspo

15 Fall Photoshoot Ideas To Get Some Serious Inspo

Having fall photoshoot ideas will make all of your autumn photography look great on your Pinterest or Instagram this season!

Having fall photoshoot ideas will help if you want to do a fall photoshoot for your Instagram account or any of your other social media pages. We’ve got fifteen fall photoshoot ideas for you that will make you want to grab your best friend and a camera and get to snapping.

1. Sit or stand in the middle of a road

The best fall photos are the ones out in the country, in the middle of nowhere. If there are no cars on a stretch of road surrounded by mountains or trees, plant yourself on the road and get your bestie to snap some photos.

2. Leaves  all around you (or your toddler)

If you have a child in your life that you want to take photos of, this fall photoshoot idea is beautiful. If there are plenty of fall leaves around, snap a photo of the kid playing in the leaves. The fall colors of the leaves will add a great autumn-y feel to the photos. This shot is also perfect for your Fall Instagram shots!


3. Walk through a forest alone or with your significant other

If you are looking do to a fall photoshoot with your one true love, we suggest walking through a forest with autumn colored leaves. Walking hand in hand while wearing cozy fall sweaters will make for an adorable and festive photoshoot.

4. Find a swing

Put on your favorite fall dress, a pair of boots and find the nearest outdoor swing surrounded by trees. It will make for a gorgeous and fun fall photoshoot.

5. Find some water

If there is a lake or a river near you or even a pond surrounded by trees and nature, this is an excellent spot for a fall photoshoot. The water will add a nice sense of calmness to your photos and the surrounding trees and grass will add the autumn pop to make your shoot super seasonal.


6. Play with leaves

Who says toddlers can only play with leaves? You can, too! You can even do this fall photoshoot with your sister or best friend. The idea is super appropriate for the season and it will show off your youthful side.

7. Pose on the railroad tracks

Pretend you are gracing the album cover of a super moody country album. Ha. We’re only kidding. Sort of. Wear a cozy sweater with some jeans and fall boots and your fall photoshoot will look super moody and fab.

8. Use pumpkins

What screams fall more than pumpkins? Use pumpkins in your photoshoot and place them in the photos however you like. You can even put them on your head!


9. Lean against a tree

Trees always work for a good photo opportunity. They work great to lean against or lean around for a perfect photo. Especially when the leaves in the area are fall colored, trees make for great fall photoshoots. This is one of the best fall photoshoot ideas!

10. Use a wooden fence

One great backdrop or prop to use in a fall photoshoot is a fence. Particularly a wooden fence. It gives off a country, fall vibe that will look amazing in photos.

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11. Lay down in the leaves

If leaves are your thing, lay down in them for some fun, colorful photos. This fall photoshoot idea is great for awesome headshots, so give it a try!

12. Hide in a corn field

You’ve heard of corn stalk mazes around Halloween time, but how about a corn field for a fall photoshoot? They look great on camera and totally add that fall vibe you are going for.

13. Hay bales

This fall photoshoot idea works for kids as well as adults. It adds a country, pumpkin-patchy vibe to the photos and gives them a certain charm.


14. Foggy morning photoshoots

Use the crisp fall morning air to your advantage and use the foggy, dreary, gray mornings to do a fall photoshoot that gives off that cool, dreary vibe.

15. Go to the pumpkin patch

We mentioned using pumpkins in another one of our ideas. How about actually going to a pumpkin patch and doing a shoot there? It’s super festive and fun!

Did you get some serious inspo from any of these fall photoshoot ideas? Let us know in the comments!
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