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15 Fall Perfumes That Will Have You Smelling Amazing

15 Fall Perfumes That Will Have You Smelling Amazing

Assuming you haven’t lost your sense of smell to COVID-19 (yes, that is a real symptom) you might be looking for a fall fragrance to bring you into the new season. Considering everyone will be wearing a mask,  your scent is going to be less noticeable than usual this year. That makes Fall 2020 an ideal time branch out and try something new! Smell good for you with one of these 15 fall perfumes.

1. NORDIC CEDAR EAU DE PARFUM | Maya Njie Perfumes

Description: “Fresh notes of cardamom give this scent a bright introduction that is animated and spicy. Running beneath and offering balance are earthy tones of patchouli and cedar wood. Soft Musk and notes of amber sit as a foundation in this feral but warm and piquant fragrance.”

15 Fall Perfumes That Will Have You Smelling Amazing


2. SUPPORT | Hive Luxury Fragrances

Description: “This deep, intoxicating fragrance boasts of bold notes of bergamot, sage, blue geranium, red currant and fig, creating a fearlessly and wonderfully made fragrance. ‘This fragrance is so captivating…soon as I take it in, I feel courageous, strong & sexy,’ exclaims Bambi Montgomery, creator of Hive Luxury Fragrances.”

If you’re looking for something a bit more floral this fall, Hive’s LOVE CHILD is another high-quality perfume. Not only is this “sophisticated floral blend” “firm and full,” with autumnal notes like tuberose and amber, but a portion of the proceeds from your purchase will go to Children’s Home and Aid, from which Montgomery herself was adopted.

15 Fall Perfumes That Will Have You Smelling Amazing


3. ARTSY | Kimberly New York

Description: “Abstract. Colorful. Cool. “Artsy” is as sweet as a romantic day at the museum. Crushed violet and sandalwood melt into red candied apple and marshmallow fluff.” Artsy is available as both a full 3.4 fl oz bottle and a 0.5 fl oz travel spray.

15 Fall Perfumes That Will Have you Smelling Amazing

4. No. 57 | ARTISTIQUE

Architect, historical preservationist, and perfumer Carlos Huber creates luxury fragrances designed to evoke specific historical moments, transporting the wearer to another place and time. Huber and his team even include bibliographies and research information for each scent!


Description: “1943,  Art of This Century gallery, W. 57th Street, New York City. A unisex fragrance with a modern feel, this perfume was inspired by the woody scent of the gallery’s curved oak walls and the aromatic cocktails that filled the room during the landmark “Exhibition by 31 women”.

Deep aged whiskey, cedarwood, and oakwood combine with cinnamon bark, labdanum, and vanilla beans for a surprising, all-enveloping scent that captures both the sophisticated air of the gallery with the daring spirit of the artists, creating a warm and woody fragrance that’s perfect for fall and winter.”

15 Fall Perfumes That Will Have You Smelling Amazing

5. Bella Freud Parfum | Olivela

For every purchase, Olivela gives back 20% of the proceeds to a partner cause you care about. From Save the Children to the Malala Fund to the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, these organizations are all doing amazing and important work, so you can feel good about your perfume purchase.

Description: The main character of Amber is at the heart of this fragrance. Rich and earthy Patchouli has been blended with Tonka Bean and smoky Vetiver and then enriched with addictive notes of Olibanum Resin and Incense Musk. Osmanthus and Ylang add a tantalising touch to this unique fragrance.

15 Fall Perfumes That Will Have You Smelling Amazing

6. Big Sur | L’Aromatica

Description: “The scent of majestic waves crashing against a foggy, redwood-covered bluff. A clean, surprisingly refreshing fragrance that includes handmade California Bay Leaf tincture. Notes: Woodmint, Wild Herbs, Sagebrush, Ocean Air, California Bay Leaf, Coastal Redwoods, Mosses and Lichens.”

15 Fall Perfumes That Will Have You Smelling Amazing

7. Tian Di | FRASSAÏ

Description: “In a garden hidden by clouds, on the mystical Mount Kunlun, Xiwangmu’s peach tree is a cosmic ladder that connects heaven and earth. Once every 3000 years, the peaches ripen and a lavish banquet is held. Offered to deities and royalty alike, it is said that the mere scent of this divine fruit grants immortality. With simple elegance and subdued beauty, Tian Di invites this mystical communion with a ritual in fragrance. Earthy incense, rich green flowers, peach elixir and calming woods culminate to open the mind, purify the body and awaken the spirit.”

Notes: Ginger, Galbanum, Star Anise, Olibanum, Peach Elixir, Red Chrysanthemum, Orris, Sandalwood, Chinese Incense, Tonkin Musk

15 Fall Perfumes That Will Have You Smelling Amazing

8. Savoir Faire Beau Noir Eau de Parfum | Savoir Faire

Description: Deep, warm and rich, it’s inviting yet evokes mystique and a journey into the unknown layers of the wearer.  It is right here where the magic is. The unknowns of the dark, of the Black, are not peril or emptiness. They are wonderous, expansive, powerful and Divine.  For Black is the Universe. Black is indeed the backdrop for the stars and the Light.  Savoir Faire is proudly a Black owned fragrance brand.”

Notes: Amber, Patchouli, Cannaflower, private Oud, Ceylon Cinnamon bark, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Bakhoor, musk of Morocco. 

15 Fall Perfumes That Will Have You Smelling Amazing

9. Remember When | MAIR

Description: “Remember When is a soft, fresh, citrus floral perfume handmade from the finest raw materials in France and Italy. The playful pairing of Italian bergamot and jasmine produces a sensual aroma that is warmed by hints of amber and guaiac wood giving the scent an intoxicating and romantic finish.”

15 Fall Perfumes That Will Have You Smelling Amazing                 

10. MÉCHANT LOUP | L’Artisan Parfumeur

Description: “Méchant Loup is a clever play on expectations, an abstract journey through a woody forest. The Big Bad Wolf tempts with a bitter sweet accord of resins, roasted hazelnut, praline and liquorice. As Little Red Riding Hood runs away from the Big Bad Wolf, she steps on twigs and dried autumn leaves. The air is rich with the scent of dry earthy notes, humid woods and sap drying on bark.”

15 Fall Perfumes That Will Have You Smelling Amazing

11. Fresh Cream Warm Cashmere Eau de Toilette | Philosophy

Description: “Some say extravagant-Philosophy says essential. Experience indulgence every day with Fresh Cream Warm Cashmere Eau de Toilette Mini inspired by Philosophy’s most-loved Fresh Cream, this time, curled up fireside. Featuring notes selected to make you feel pampered and polished…and ultimately cozy, the composition opens with juicy tangerine, nestles into cashmere wood with accents of orchid and comes to rest on a velvety base of vanilla bean, creamy sandalwood and skin musk.”

Notes: juicy tangerine, cashmere wood, orchid, vanilla bean, creamy sandalwood, skin musk.

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15 Fall Perfumes That Will Have You Smelling Amazing

12. Dead Writers Perfume | Immortal Perfumes

Description: “The Dead Writers Perfume blend evokes the feeling of sitting in an old library chair paging through yellowed copies of Hemingway, Shakespeare, Fitzgerald, Poe, and more. Suitable for either sex, Dead Writers Perfume makes you want to put on a kettle of black tea and curl up with your favorite book. This perfume contains notes of black tea, vetiver, clove, musk, vanilla, heliotrope, and tobacco. Happy writing.”

15 Fall Perfumes That Will Have You Smelling Amazing

13. Pretty Bird | Florescent

Description: “A sparkling citrus and soft woods natural perfume with a mellow rosy heart and hint of sun-kissed spice. Comforting and sensuous.”

Notes: bergamot, bois de rose, rose damascena, frankincense, sandalwood, clove.

15 Fall Perfumes That Will Have You Smelling Amazing

14. ENVISION | Pour le Monde

Not only is Pour le Monde a leader in all-natural perfumes, but each of their fragrances benefits a different charity. It’s the scent that keeps on giving!

Description: “Shaking up its citruses with a touch of peppercorn, Envision united lavender, palma rosa, and Egyptian geranium rose with a creamy base of vanilla, woods, frankincense, and Indonesian patchouli. Supports The National MS Society whose mission is to envision a world free of MS.”

15 Fall Perfumes That Will Have You Smelling Amazing

15. De Toma à Zouma | Motif Olifactif

Description: “Nostalgic for childhood memories. A journey to my matriarch land. Venturing out of the city to the village. Met with the feeling of joy and free of care. Mornings filled with the warm smell of coffee. Elders sharing stories and passing along sweet treats. Nostalgia isn’t it bittersweet? Longing for what was but pushing forward in what is.  Navigating life fueled by the sweet moments from the past. A gifted heritage never forgotten.”

Notes: coffee, cardamom, cocoa, vanilla, tonka bean, benzoin, nutmeg, cedar.

15 Fall Perfumes That Will Have You Smelling Amazing

Which of these fall fragrances do you want to try? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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