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7 Fall Outfits That Will Keep You Warm And Cozy

When the weather starts to get colder, you’re forced to trade in the daisy dukes for ripped jeans and the strappy tank tops for soft sweaters. This can make putting together outfits hard and repetitive, as it feels you’re wearing the same sweater/jean combo on a daily basis. And the thought of dressing up seems more like a struggle, due to the effects frigid air can have on a bare leg. Sometimes you may leave your room with multiple layers, worrying about what the day’s weather may bring, and whether or not some rooms of overly heated. 

But no need to stress! Here are 5 looks that will keep you warm and cozy this fall!

1. Flannel and T-shirt Dress

When you’re not sure how to transition your summer looks into fall ones, just combine them and let the magic happen! This look combines that last little bit of summer with a t-shirt dress, but shows that you are ready for some fall foliage. Plus the flannel acts as a warmer and a comfier alternative to that of a jean jacket. I would style this look with a cute pair of casual sneakers like Keds, Converse or Vans to keep up the skater kind of vibe this look gives off. 

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2. Oversized Black Shirt Tucked Into A Suede Skirt

This look gives you a little flair to fall, but while being simplistic in your efforts. Most of us have a black shirt hanging around, and suede skirts are fairly easy to find at most stores, especially during the fall season. It’s an ideal alternative to wanting to dress up for the day, while still feeling comfortable. The best color suede skirt to do this with, in my opinion, is tan, but any color would work as long as it’s not navy or overly bright because you still want to get that fall-inspired theme into the look somehow. I would style with a pair of little black booties. 

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3. Fuzzy Sweater and Ripped Jeans

Let’s be real…getting to wear fuzzy sweaters is one of the main reasons why we get excited about Fall. And while I do love a good boyfriend jean shirt, it’s nice to trade them in for a pair of my trusted ripped blue jeans. This look is really, however, you want to make it, but you’re going to want to make sure to get a material in the sweater that is actually comfortable. Certain woolen fabrics are not for everyone and can often be itchier than they are cozy. Make sure you’re also washing these sweaters properly and do not dry, as this can lead to rough patches, and what was once a soft sweater will feel like a crusty mess. 

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4. Black Leggings and Camo Sweatshirt

This look to me cannot be any more comfortable. Who doesn’t love to throw on leggings on a cool day when you’re tired? It takes all the stress out of your morning routine of throwing together an outfit or even just doing the jean squats after you just dried your favorite pair of denim pants the night before. Also, I am a huge fan of camo as I feel it is a pattern that looks good on almost anyone. If you’re really just wanting to be as comfortable and carefree as possible you can pair this look with a hat and a pair of Uggs (I know I have worn this exact outfit on more than a few occasions). 

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5. Sweater Dress and Tall Boots

During the fall, I often find myself longing for how I could just throw on a dress on a hot summer day and have an outfit made. Autumn adds an obstacle to this notion, as it is often too cold to even wear a dress in the first place, or the layers that you have to wear with it can just be such a pain its not even worth the effort. If you have ever felt this way consider a sweater dress as your alternative. A long sleeve sweater dress will be sure to keep your arms and torso warm, and for the exposed part of your legs, you can wear riding boots to compensate. This look is cute and cozy, but also gives you gives off a little mystery. Personally, riding boots always seem to give me that little added confidence when I wear them, as they provide a sense of comfort and security with every heel click. 

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6. Cardigan Over Tank With Jeans

When it comes to mixing and matching summer and fall pieces, a cardigan makes the process a whole lot easier. Just wear one of your favorite summer tanks and throw on a fuzzy cardigan over it. You can choose to match it with a pair of ripped jeans or a pair of shorts if it’s warm enough. The look gives off the vibe that you definitely thought about your outfit, without having to put in a ton of effort. You can finish off the look with some tall boots if you’re wearing jeans or a pair of casual sneakers if you’re going for shorts. I’d suggest going solid color on the cardigan, just to make matching simpler!

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7. Oversized Flannel And Ripped Jeans

Fall means it’s FLANNEL SEASON! So you should be wearing one whenever you can. A perfect way to wear a flannel is with a pair of ripped jeans. This look gives you the edgy vibe, while still remaining quite comfortable. I would suggest a more fitted jean with an oversized flannel, so you don’t have both a loose-fitting top and bottom, which could cause you to lose your figure. A soft boyfriend flannel will make you feel snug on those chilly fall days, while still keeping you looking on-trend!

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Have some warm and cozy looks of your own? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section!

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