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Fall Nail Polish Colors You Need

Who doesn’t love Fall? It’s a magical time of the year when the leaves start changing, there’s a chill in the air, and the not-so-subtle reminders of Halloween start popping up. But the greatest part of Fall is the ability to be extra. We need extra sweaters, extra fuzzy accessories and extra nails to match it all. Here to help get you inspired for the new season, here are all the Fall nail polish colors you need.


This color screams fall. Its a dark red with warm undertones. It’s a stunning yet subtle pop of color that’s not too hard to match with your everyday wardrobe. Oxblood can easily be dressed up with more expensive looking fabrics like velvet.

Olive Green

This color is so chic! Olive green not only looks good on every skin tone but it makes everyone look so expensive. This color is underrated as it’s not a popular nail color. Olive green is a must have for this fall. It’s also a good idea to pair this color with a warm toned gold for an even more luxurious look.

Metallic Navy

Metallic Navy has to be a staple for any fall nail polish collection. It’s a nice color for those who like dark colors but don’t want to sport black. Getting a navy with a metallic shine can also help the color be more eye catching. Little flecks of navy glitter add shimmer but beware of navy colors with flecks of gold or silver! Those polishes will be a little harder to match with everyday outfits.


What can we say? Black is the new black. It’s a color that matches your outfit no matter what you’re wearing. It’s classy, elegant, and timeless. It’s as casual as you want it to be and it’s as formal as you make it. You absolutely cannot go wrong with this color and that’s why you need it this fall. 


Sometimes picking out a nail color can be daunting. It’s something that we have to commit to for weeks. If you change your look a lot, you’ll want to pick a nail color that’s as versatile as you are. A great color that can do that is nude! Keep in mind that not everyone’s nude is the same shade. Find a nude color that works for your skin tone (tip: take a look at your foundation shade and decide if you want to go lighter or darker from there) It’s like being naked without being naked.

Orange You Glad We Mentioned Orange?

If Fall was a football team, the color orange would be its mascot. It’s the color of the falling leaves, pumpkins, and that Yankee Candle we bring out every year. This is an incredibly festive color. Orange nail polish is for the people who eat, sleep, and breathe fall. We’re talking eat nothing but pumpkin pie, only sleeping in piles of leaves, and inhaling only the chilliest breezes that waft through the air at 6am.

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Plum is to Oxblood, what purple is to red. We hope that makes sense. Plum is another lovely choice for Fall nails because it’s basically the purple version of the Oxblood color at the top of this list. It’s also great because it’s a muted purple so it’s easy to match it with a lot of different colors. It’s subtle but can pop with an outfit of all black.


Gold. Is there any more that needs to be said? It’s the color of opulence and luxury. It’s one of the most precious metals on earth and is the looked upon as the most coveted standard of anything. Gold looks amazing on darker skin tones. It is a perfect choice for Fall because it’s a hectic time. You may be going back to school, or to the gym, or making sure you have what you need around the holidays. Just in case you forget to put on jewellery while you’re in a rush, having gold nails is like wearing rings without the jewellery.

Let us know in the comments below if you’d like to try any of these Fall nail polish colors!

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