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15 Fall Nail Looks You Can Totally Recreate Yourself

Love having your nails done professionally but don’t have the time or money to go to the salon to get them done? Here are some fall nail looks you can totally recreate yourself!

1. A Twist On The Classic French Manicure

This look is more interesting than your classic french manicure, and it’s super easy to do at home! Paint your nails with a neutral base color, or a more fun one to spice it up. You can either be really brave and try and painting it on freehand, or you could use nail vinyls like the ones linked below. Top it off with a quick dry top coat (because who has the time to wait for a regular one to dry), and you’re all set!

Get the look:

2. A Halloween Manicure

This twist on the french manicure is great for a more Halloween appropriate look! You can recreate this look with a neutral or even clear base coat, then either use the stencil or freehand it. If you do want to freehand it, you might want to try using a paintbrush with a small head.

3. A Dip Nail Style You Can Totally Do At Home

This is a super easy look with some more interest than just a plain solid color. Start by painting your nails the light color, then paint the darker color at the tips. You can get a clean edge using striping tape like the one I linked below, or gently using some sort of straight edge. If you want, you can add the sparkly line between the colors with a small brush.

Get the look:

Get the look:

4. A Nail Look That Turns The French Manicure On Its Head

If you like the look of a French manicure but want something a little different, this is a great choice! And it’s super easy! You can use any of the techniques I described for the other looks to make this look happen. It’s a pretty fabulous choice and you can really personalize it by changing up the colors you use!

5. A Minimalist Option

Are your nail painting skills not up to snuff? This is a great and very simple look that you can absolutely do yourself. Paint your nails a neutral color, throw on a glossy top coat, and simply dot a black dot on each nail. You can use a dotting tool like the one below, or carefully use the tip of a pencil. You can also totally customize this with colors, or you can put a matte topcoat on it to change up the look. Even better, put a matte topcoat on the neutral color and leave the dot shiny!

6. Something Minimalist With A Few More Details

This is pretty similar to the last design but a little more subtle and with a little variation. You can use the same technique as the last one but make a smaller dot, and use either striping tape or a paintbrush to make the stripe!

7. An Autumnal But Simple Look

The colors in this are super autumnal, and the look is super easy to accomplish! It’s another manicure requiring some dotting, but it’s not terribly difficult to accomplish! Paint your thumb and pinky brown and your middle three fingers orange. Seal all of them with a topcoat, then add the brown dots on the middle fingers! Then, seal those again with topcoat, and you’re all good to go!

8. A Super Easy Way To Dress Up A Simple Manicure

If you’re not into dots but you want something just as simple, try using crystals instead! All you have to do to accomplish this look is to paint your nails like you normally do with the color of your choice, then stick on some gems using some clear nail polish.

Get the look:

9. A Nail Art Design That Doesn’t Require Much Skill

This nail art look is really easy to accomplish but it looks super polished and gorgeous. Paint your nails with the solid color of your choice, then dry brush on colors that you think look nice. You can use this picture for inspiration, or figure out your own color palette. Dry the brush by getting most of the polish off the brush on the neck of the bottle and on a paper towel, then brushing what’s left onto your nail. Repeat with all your colors, let them dry, then carefully add a top coat!

10. A Halloween Manicure That’s Super Simple But Still Really Cute

Looking for something super easy with some Halloween style? This is an easy but glam look that anyone can pull off. Paint most of your nails black, leaving your ring finger blank. Paint this one with orange glitter. To get the glitter effect faster, paint one coat onto your nail then sponge some of the polish on with a disposable make up sponge.

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11. Cheetah Print Nails That Are On Trend For The More Advanced Nail Painter

If you’re a more advanced nail artist, this is a look you’ll definitely want to try. Paint four of your nails a pale pink, and the last one gold glitter using the sponge technique. Add leopard spots with the gold, then loosely outline them with black polish using a small brush. Add a top coat and look fierce!

12. A Look With Two Accent Nails For When You’re Feeling Extra

Love the look of an accent nail but want more of a statement? Try two different accent nails for a more dramatic look. You can use whatever colors you want, but the colors in this style are super autumnal and fun! The mix of finishes- normal, metallic, and glitter- adds a lot to the look!

13. A Look Mixing Glitter And Matte For A Look With More Interest

This is another look for the more advanced nail artist! The contrast between the glitter and the matte is perfect and gorgeous. The purely gold accent nail is lovely, but the other accent nail is also a great addition. Accomplish it by painting the glitter first, then using striping tape the portion off the triangle. After you paint the red, you’re going to have to put more tape on to add the mattifying top coat so you don’t also mattify the glitter.

14. A Great Look For When You Have Trouble Picking What Color To Paint Your Nails

Really love autumn colors but have trouble picking just one? Why pick? This is really in fashion right now, and it can be really fun since you get to mix and match your colors! Raid your nail polish collection and pick out the five colors you think would go the best together- or ten, one for each finger!

15. Dress Up Your Nails With One Simple Change: Matte Top Coat

This is far and away the easiest way to change up your manicure. Simply add a matte topcoat to change your look from a basic manicure to a fashion statement. Add matte topcoat to any autumnal color and you’ll instantly have a more interesting manicure!

Get the look:

Are you going to try any of these out at home? Have any suggestions for nail looks? Let us know!

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Robin Owens

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