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Fall Movies That You’ll Want To Watch

Fall Movies That You’ll Want To Watch

Fall movies make people happy. For thousands of years, heroes have been grabbing our hearts and taking us on journeys that we’d never be able to go on by ourselves. Sometimes life becomes so unbearable that we are left with one option: escape. Movies are the mass exodus of our minds. Before, our ancestors would have had to take hallucinogens to experience Robert Downey Jr., but now…popcorn and live-action are where it’s at!

Avengers Endgame

No spoilers for this one, but a decent number of character arcs ended with this film. Anyone who says that they don’t like this movie is just trying to be a maverick. There’s a reason this has such a high Rotten Tomatoes rating, it’s an amazing film.

Promotional interviews are always interesting to watch. Not when Krishnan Guru-Murthy is conducting them. We learn a lot about how much the actors differ from their characters. Occasionally, actors will drop nuggets of wisdom about life that change your view of the world. 

For movies like these, we have two heroes: the character’s journey and the person who autographs things and tells us something we keep with us for years, bragging about that tiny interaction to our friends and family.

Fall Movies That You’ll Want To Watch

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This movie has a huge cult following. If you go to a live showing of this fantastic gem, they have participatory responses to the movie. It’s very fun. You should go to one and bust your Rocky-Horror cherry.

These shows are the time to forgo society’s rules. Swear. Dress in whatever you like. Put on makeup. Don’t put on makeup.

Side note: a lot of places don’t allow laser gun toys to be brought in anymore (for obvious American reasons).

Fall Movies That You’ll Want To Watch

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel and Moonrise Kingdom are arguably the best films that Wes Anderson has ever made. Frames within frames are beautiful, and there are a lot of them in the former. The symmetry in a Wes Anderson film is like taking a bite of chocolate cake after not having processed sugar for a week (realistically impossible in America, but you get the idea). 

The feeling this film gives you is a whimsical one. It’s easy to see that these universes operate on more fictional sets of rules. The interaction between the characters has a more formal tone and the children are often just as smart as the adults (if not smarter in some instances).

Fall Movies That You’ll Want To Watch

The Witch

This is an amazing film that captures a different era beautifully. Even if it were inaccurate in its depiction of this era, we would never really know and there should be no reason to care. It is simply a great movie.

You come away from this fall movie feeling satisfied that it wasn’t all a dream.

Horror Movies To Fear-Hug Your Lover To

About Time

This is a movie that really pulls on your heartstrings. It takes time traveling to a new level, being that it isn’t the only focus of the film. This movie boils down to a story about relationships, loss, and how one should view life.

This is a fairly deep film that, on the surface, looks like a nerdy man trying to date and failing so badly that he requires superpowers to fix his faux pas.

Fall Movies That You’ll Want To Watch

It Follows

This is the flag at the top of a mountain. Lovecraft would’ve been proud. This film gives us only the necessary information: enough to get through it and understand it but also have a bunch of questions, mostly being about the monster.

Horror Movies To Fear-Hug Your Lover To

In Bruges

This is a story about a man who must go into hiding for messing up a mafia job. This is a dark comedy and really stretches its wings with how dark the humor can get.

Without revealing too much, the open-ended ending is one of the best of any movie.

Fall Movies That You’ll Want To Watch

The Shining

This a masterpiece of dread. The traditional terror that this film incites is something more films should do. Existential horror perniciously creeps toward our minds, creating the feeling that something is watching us from not too far away.

Horror Movies To Fear-Hug Your Lover To

Ghost in the Shell (1995)

This movie has heavily influenced American culture. Movies like The Matrix borrow from this golden nugget. This movie deals with a great number of philosophical implications.

What is it to be human? What are memories? What is consciousness? Do humanoids have the same rights as humans? Do societal conventions like mandatory clothes matter at all, in any way, objectively?

This movie is one of many adaptations. There are multiple animated movies and Tv shows, a live-action film, sequels, prequels, and videogames.

The wide shots and background detail are art. Plain and simple.

Fall Movies That You’ll Want To Watch

See Also


This movie has a cult following for a few reasons. It’s got imaginary drugs with awesome cinematography, psychics, it’s a great adaptation, there are sci-fi judges, etc.

While there probably won’t be a sequel (since it tanked in the box office), the DVD sales (fingers crossed) might make someone reconsider making one.

Fall Movies That You’ll Want To Watch

Synecdoche New York

This is probably the darkest film on this list. The protagonist’s last name is a direct reference to what is known as Cotard’s syndrome. One feels as though they themself are dead.

Kaufman is a genius. The story is about the character arc of a director who’s given a MacArthur Fellowship grant and builds Russian-doll replicas of his city, populated with lots of doppelgangers.

Fall Movies That You’ll Want To Watch


This sci-fi is one of the reasons that anime is now taken more seriously in America. This cult classic is a work of art. Multiple viewings can give one the chance to appreciate how much went into things like the lighting and city designs.

Fall Movies That You’ll Want To Watch

Children of Men

This is a fantastic adaptation of the novel by the same name. There is a lot of art that this movie references. It is a great dystopian universe that addresses a contemporary problem that will only become more heated as climate change progresses: xenophobia.

Fall Movies That You’ll Want To Watch

The Godfather

This is one of the best films that has ever existed. Marlon Brando is one of the actors who popularized method acting. Method acting is the reason that Jared Leto sent a pig head to the other cast members of Suicide Squad.

This film. It is, hands down, a masterpiece. It makes well-made films look like dumpster fires by comparison. Unpopular opinion: it’s better than Citizen Kane.

Fun fact, the director of this film, Francis Ford Coppola, is (according to the internet) the uncle of both Jason Schwartzman and Nicholas Cage.

Fall Movies That You’ll Want To Watch

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