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10 Fall Martini Recipes You Haven’t Thought Of

10 Fall Martini Recipes You Haven’t Thought Of

With fall approaching, as the evenings get shorter and things start to get a bit chillier, hosting a cocktail party in the cosy and familiar warmth of your home is a perfect remedy for you and all your guests. With fall, and all that comes with it, in mind here are 10 delicious Martini recipes each with its own lovely autumnal theme.

1. Apple and Ginger Martini

With apple season being at its peak and ginger being a central flavour in so many fall dishes and recipes, this seems like a good place to start. The tartness of the green apple and the familiar autumnal flavour of the ginger work wonderfully in Martini form. The type of sweetness is what’s so good about this recipe, it’s a type of well rounded and full-bodied sweetness that isn’t sickly but is still a decadent treat, for the recipe click here.

2. Mont Blanc-tini

Alongside Espresso Martinis and Pina-Colada, this is one of those cocktails that almost work as a dessert as well as a drink. Perfect for after dinner or at the end of the night, this Martini is topped with a meringue foam, floating atop a dark black coffee liquid. Very dramatic and very delicious. The flavour, as well as the presentation of this drink, makes it perfect for any cocktail party. It’s got a rich and deep flavour but is also impressive to make and serve with its stark contrasting colours. For the recipe head to the Good Food website


3. Caramel Apple Martini

Caramel and apple, an age-old delicious combination that feels as autumnal as the brown and red leaves that appear on trees. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth and very easy to make, this Martini recipe would be the perfect addition to any cocktail party and sums up the taste of fall in one drink. If you want to really get into the fall and halloween spirit, this is the drink to do it with. It’s classic falvour combination and light brown colour makes it perfect for the season. Click here for the recipe.

4. Peary Bird Martini

With a combination of delicate flavours but with a taste that is full of layers, this Martini would be a definite crowd-pleaser. Mixing together the flavours of pear, nutmeg and vanilla this cocktail provides all the familiar fall flavours but with a light finish, so you can definitely enjoy more than one. Although a relatively simple recipe, this drink is impressive and delicious and provides that subtle sense of elegance that we all sometimes want to add to our parties. For the recipe go to TheSpruceEats


5. Autumn Spice Martini

Full of flavours like pumpkin and cinnamon sugar, this creamy Martini tastes like a pumpkin pie in cocktail form, the epitome of fall in a glass. Some cocktails are fancy, others are fun- this is one of those. It has that familiar and delicious flavour of pumpkin pie and when served is an inviting and fun fall martini that everyone will love. For the recipe click here

Now, we, of course, can’t talk about fall without mentioning Halloween. Any Halloween party will be made all the better with the addition of cocktails, and these martini recipes are among some of the tastiest and easiest. Cocktails bring a sense of occasion and excitement that no other drink really can bring, so including these martini recipes at your next Halloween party will make it your best one yet. 


6. Black Martini

This Martini recipe provides all the aesthetic darkness that we all love as part of our Halloween decorations and celebrations. Not only is it festivley spooky but its jet black colour also brings a sense of elegance and class to the drink, all the things we all love about cocktails. It uses black vodka with pomegranate juice to create a refreshing and sweet Martini that fills up the glass with a jet black liquid, perfect for Halloween and when you want to impress. Click here for the recipe.

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7. Grasshopper Martini

The Grasshopper is a classic cocktail, but its use of crème de menthe turns the liquid into a bright neon green, a classic Halloween colour and theme and one that is fun and amazing to look at. Ideal for those who love minty sweetness and very easy to make festive with Halloween drink ornaments, this Martini is definitely worth making. Go to the Good Food website for the recipe.  


8. Pumpkin Martini

Pumpkin, the epitome of fall and Halloween flavour, is given a fresh rethinking in this delicious cocktail. Made with ginger and maple syrup in it too, this Martini is as Halloween as it gets. Classic Halloween flavours but with an excitingly new and delicious twist that any guest would appreciate and find delicious, so your party will be a hit. Click here for the recipe. 

9. Witches Brew Martini

A mixture of liquor and citrus makes this cocktail into a bright yellow drink, that in a decorated glass gives the illusion of a spooky witches potion. It’s zesty yet sweet and with few ingredients, is quick and easy to make, that’s why this is such a good drink idea to follow. It’s easy to make but will bring a brilliant flair to any party through it’s easy to execute spooky serving decoration. Head over to TheChunkyChef for the recipe. 


10. Black Cherry Martini

Finally, we end on this cocktail, that’s velvety, sweet and moreish like any good Halloween treat. The mixture makes a thick, deep red liquid with edible glitter mixed in right before serving, so looks just as good as it tastes. Black cherry is such an excellent ingredient to use as the base of a martini recipe. It’s sweet but not too sweet as it is a rich and developed flavour that will make any drink that bit more delicious.  Click here for the recipe.  

Do you have any cocktail favourites that you enjoy at Halloween? Let us know in the comments.

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