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8 Fall-Inspired Makeup Looks For A Date Night

The season of Autumn, or Fall, is the most perfect time of year to be playing around with bolder colours, especially when it comes to makeup. This is the time of year when the dark lipsticks and bolder eye makeup looks suddenly become more acceptable to wear on a daily basis. Fall makeup means bold lip colours, earthy eyeshadow looks and thick eyeliner. It’s the perfect time of year to be experimental and bold with makeup, and here’s eight Fall-inspired makeup looks you need to try out for your next date night! 

1. Deep Earthy Red Lip and Bright Eye

This look is perfect for a perfect Fall day. The earthy red lip colour is perfect for photos when stepping out into the chilly Autumn air and going out for a night in town with your date. This look requires an earthy red lip stain, a similar colour eyeshadow, and a nude eyeshadow for the inner crease of the eye. Complete with some false eyelashes. 

2. Black Cherry Lip by Shay Mitchell

Now, this look screams Halloween and Fall. Canadian actress Shay Mitchell sported this look recently with a bold black cherry lip colour, paired perfectly with her dark hair and a grey jumper. Complete the look with dark brown eyeshadow shades on the eyelid and on the lower lash line. 

3. Bold Firey Eye Makeup and Nude Lip

Now if you don’t want to be getting dark lipstick all over your date, then this bold firey red eye makeup look with a nude lip is perfect for your next Fall date night. The focus and attention goes completely to the eye makeup – so play around with firey colours like deep reds and oranges, and leave the lips glossy with a nude finish. Perfect for those Fall night kisses! 

4. Glitter Eye Makeup and Dark Brown Lip

If you’re all about the bold eye makeup look, then this one is for you. This eye makeup look required some intense gold eyeshadow glitter, so make sure you use a good eye shadow primer for your eyelids for this one. Cover your crease with a deep brown eye shadow colour and coat your entire lid with deep golden glitter. Pair with a beautiful deep brown lipstick, and accentuate your gold glitter eye shadow with an intense highlight to complete the look! You’ll be mesmerising to your date!

5. Nude Glitter Eye and Nude Lip

If you want a look that shines sweetly in the Fall night time and does so quite subtly with both a nude eye and nude lip look, then this makeup look is for you. Cover the eyelid with a glitter eye shadow, your crease with a nude colour for your skin tone, cover your cheeks with a sweet peach blush, and coat your lips with a nude lip colour. A perfect makeup look fit for any colour combination you decide to wear! 

6. Purple Halo and Blush Pink Lip

This look is a little bolder and galactic over the others we’ve seen so far. But if you’re planning a night out on the town, perhaps to the planetarium to gaze upon the stars with your date, then this look may be just perfect for you. With a bright and deep pink/purple shades along the crease of the lid and bright white for the inner corner of the eye and a blush pink lip, this look is surely out of this world! 

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7. The “Red Eye” and Bold Red Lip

This makeup look gives a whole new meaning to the term “red eye”, and we’re here for it. The trick to this makeup look is to cover the upper crease of your eyelid with a bold and bright red shade and cover the rest of the lid with deep reds and deep browns that will accentuate the bold red lip colour. Completely with an elongated winged eye, and a great mascara to lengthen your eyelashes. It’s perfect for a Fall date and will have your date completely mesmerised.

8. Cut Crease Glitter Eye and Soft Coffee Lip

If you’re planning on a night in from the cold with your date, then this more relaxed makeup look might be for you. Use the cut crease technique for the eye makeup by creating a defined line across the crease of your lid and fill the eyelid with a bright glitter or bright base colour, and cover the upper crease of your eye with a soft coffee shade to match the lipstick. Finish with a soft coffee coloured lip shade to complete the look and some highlighter to dazzle your date. 

Will you be trying out any of these Fall inspired makeup looks? Let us know in the comments which one is your favourite!

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