8 Fall Hair Colors To Try This Season

Whether you just went through a break up, ready for a change, or are an avid dye-er finding the perfect color for this fall is crucial. We heard your cries and so we created the ultimate list for this up and coming season. Here are our 8 Fall Hair Colors To Try This Season!

1. Charcoal 

Grey hair for the younger generations has been in for a couple years now, but if you are into that super modern style you are going to want to update it with charcoal. Make it darker on top and blend it into a dark grey. You will look icy and fabulous this fall season. 

8 Fall Hair Colors To Try This Season


Although pastels are hard to upkeep they are going to be super stylish for the 2019 fall/winter seasons. Try out a few different versions of pastel and see which one looks the best on your skin tone. Nothing is off limits in this hair color category!

Just remember with this hair color there is a lot of upkeep because most people will have to bleach their entire head. Make sure that is something you are interested in doing before you commit to the hair colors in the pastel range. 

8 Fall Hair Colors To Try This Season

3. Ashy Brunette

This is not your mothers hair color. As far as fall hair colors go most people tend to stick to warmer colors. Instead switch it up and go cooler to make your skin and outfits pop when it starts to cool down. Chose the ashy brunette for easy upkeep and a lot of extra dimension. 

8 Fall Hair Colors To Try This Season

4. Light Coral

Once viewed as brassy and not as cool Light Coral has resurfaced as one of the most popular fall hair colors (other then the basic brunette, blonde colors). Celebrities, influencers, and every body else is so fascinated with creating a light coral hair color within the next few months. 

8 Fall Hair Colors To Try This Season

5.Dark Blonde

Dark blonde is a pretty natural hair color, so if you are blessed with it good for you. If not try this dark blonde in pieces or all over your hair depending on what you want. It requires less bleach then most icy blonds and can be blended into dark or light hair. 

8 Fall Hair Colors To Try This Season

6. Purple 

Purple or plum are all the rage for fall hair colors. They are bold and vibrant and work on all hair colors from super dark to super light. Any version of this is in too, by combining it with the pastel colors from above you can have a lavender. 

This color is also great with a little red in it to make a more maroonish purple. It is still in season and makes a cooler skin tone really pop. 

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8 Fall Hair Colors To Try This Season

7. Opal

Opal is a fairly new hair trend, by combining a few different light colors you get a really cool effect the same as the opal stone. No matter where you shift your head can be pink, blue, icy blonde, or many other variations. Check this new style out this fall. 

8 Fall Hair Colors To Try This Season

8.Chocolate Carmel

This trend is probably the most common. Adding a nice piecey light caramel color to a darker caramel hair will look amazing while still being a traditional brown hair color. Which is nice if you want just a little something different instead of an all out new hair color. 

8 Fall Hair Colors To Try This Season

There are so many hair colors to try this fall, between crazy colors and more traditional the possibilities are endless. Try different ones out, because your hair will grow back no matter what. 

Did you like our fall hair colors on the list? If you did let us know in the comments below is your new fall favorite!

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