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10 Fall Foods Everyone Loves

10 Fall Foods Everyone Loves

Fall foods cover a lot of ground, from what’s in-season to various holiday dishes. Preferences may vary from the type of food to what recipe, to who’s doing the preparing. We’re going to take a look at some common fall foods that everyone should put on their plate at least once this year. 

1. Pumpkin Roll

These are truly delicious. I often find myself eating so much in one sitting that I get sick. My mother makes this festive treat every single year. With a sadistic grin, she delights in seeing those around her gain holiday weight.

2. Apple Butter

This is amazing. If you can find it homemade, then do so. Either way, this is the Fall condiment to spread on your toast. My grandparents used to make this in a giant kettle sitting over a fire, outside. Canning is an arduous process, but they are nice gifts to give to friends and family.


3. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Some people like them. Some people don’t. I myself do not enjoy pumpkin seeds, but it might just be that I have not had them prepared in a good enough way to sway my tastebuds. Salt, oil, and butter are normally added for flavor. All said and done, I really wish I liked them. They sound very good.

4. Stew

Onions, mushrooms, squash, and carrots are all in season. Why not put them all together in a giant boiling pot with some meat and seasoning? A giant pot of umami flavor. An amalgam of Fall soup, made in honor of your appetite.


5. Halloween Candy (Fall sugar)

This Fall food is not just for Halloween. Corporations like marketing to you well beyond the appropriate holiday spectrums. The discount day-old candy is well worth the wait. Almost everyone likes sugar: it’s a highly addictive substance that keeps you coming back for more. Taffy is my absolute favorite. Some people like candy corn: those people are considered monsters by most of society.

6. Sweet Potatoes (Yams)

You don’t have to like Fall to love sweet potatoes. Throw one in the microwave, add butter and salt, and you’ve got yourself a great snack. They are a good addition to Fall meals. These are most often thought of as Thanksgiving side dishes, but they can be much more. Sweet potato fries exist, and they are very good.


7. Pie

This is the season where you can eat all of the pie you want and no one will judge you. Pies are so ubiquitous throughout American culture, that there are such things as funeral pies (Pennsylvania Dutch). Pie filling depends on the occasion. Figs, apples, pears, raisins, or savory meats.

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8. Fresh Apples And Pears

Picking a fresh apple from a tree and (after checking for holes) eating it is very satisfying. Pears are a little more difficult to find in prime condition. I find that pears are normally either underripe or on the ground rotting, covered in bees.

9. Butternut Squash Macaroni And Cheese

Mac and cheese is a traditionally understood combination. Not as many have had mac and cheese and butternut squash, though. It is a dish with a hearty and sweet underbelly. Some compare this squash to yams or a sweetened carrot. Adding macaroni and cheese to the mix sounds like a wonderful combination. 


10. Roasted Figs

Most of the figs that I’ve ever had have come in the processed form: fig cookies. I would genuinely like to have more actual figs. I’ve heard they’re tasty and healthy. Roasted figs sound delicious. But, to be fair, most things with roasted in their name also sound delicious.

We know you’ve got some favorite fall foods. Share them with us in the comments below!

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