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6 Fall Festive Dates For You And Your SO

6 Fall Festive Dates For You And Your SO

The fall comes with haunted houses, pumpkin patches, flannel, changing leaves and football. Take advantage of everything fall has to offer with these six different fall festive dates for you and your significant other.

1. Get Lost in a Corn Maze

Corn mazes are a fall staple. Everywhere you look there are corn mazes and couples getting lost in them. Do the same and get lost with your significant other in a corn maze this fall. With each twist and turn you’ll both work together to find your way out. If you get caught at a dead end, then it’s the perfect opportunity to sneak a couple kisses. The corn maze is also a cute place to take some fall photos of you and your date. Be sure to wear some fall appropriate clothes for the pictures, since wearing those cute heels might be uncomfortable in the field!


2. Attend a College Football Game

Fall brings football season. College football games are by far the most exciting events to attend with the nachos and beer in a crowd full of die-hard fans. College football has been around longer than professional football so there are a lot of longtime fans at the game both young and old. This tradition is great to start with your significant other in the fall. Pick a college team in your city and attend one of its games. It could be a fun fall thing to do every weekend by attending every college game in your state. 

3. Visit a Haunted House

Haunted houses are a must for a fall festive date with your significant other. If you hate getting scared, your significant other will be there to comfort you and keep you safe from those make-believe monsters. Grab a couple cups of hot cocoa and brave that line for a night of screams together. The fall is the only opportunity to attend a haunted house on a date with your significant other, so take advantage of it while it lasts!


4. Walk Through a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches are another thing that you will only find during the fall. This fall festive date has been a staple for couples for so many years. It is a cute date for picture taking and it doesn’t really start to feel like fall until you’ve picked out some pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. Together you can pick a pumpkin that you will carve together. 

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5. Leaf Peeping in the Mountains

The leaves changing in the fall are some of the most beautiful sights to share with your significant other. Taking a drive through the mountains to go leaf peeping can be so romantic and it gives you both time to talk while enjoying the beauty mother nature has to offer. To make the most out of this leaf-peeping date, pack a picnic, some wine and pick a cute spot to extend your date.


6. Go Shopping For Halloween Costumes

It’s hard to avoid Halloween in the fall. Whether you both have plans to go to a costume party together or you have plans to spend the night watching scary movies, it’s fun to go Halloween costume shopping together. Seeing your significant other trying on goofy and scary costumes is fun and juvenile. Keeping the date lighthearted is a lot memorable than a strict and serious date night. 

There are so many fun and creative fall festive dates to go on with your significant others. If you’re looking for some fun and easy date ideas, check out these six fall festive dates to share with your SO. Comment down below what dates you have planned for the fall!

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