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Fall Fashion Trends: Braids

I have always been a fan of braids. I remember at soccer tournaments always asking my friend to french braid my hair because I couldn’t do it, and my mom didn’t really know how. Then I just taught myself to braid because it’s such an easy hairstyle that always looks good. And now this hairstyle can be seen everywhere, from a simple messy braid to more complex hairstyles such as a five-strand braid. Braids can look elegant and effortless at the same time. A side braid is always my go to style when I don’t know what else to do with my hair. And in honor of braids being in this season, I’ll compile a list of some of the most popular braid styles and how to do them.

1. French braid.

The french braid really isn’t as hard as it seems. It’s just a normal braid except you’re adding a piece of hair every time you weave a piece of hair. You can find a tutorial here.

2. Milkmaid braids.

I love this hairstyle, and it’s way easier than it looks. I still haven’t been able to perfect it quite yet but here’s some instructions so you can.

3. 4 strand braids.

Adding an extra strand to a braid might seem like it would be hard, but once you get the rhythm down, it’s just as easy as any normal braid. Tutorial here.

4. 5 strand braid.

Now you’re adding another strand to the mix. This one is a little more difficult and I’ve had some trouble grasping how to do it but I love the way it looks and again like the 4 strand braid it’s all about finding your rhythm. Here are two ways you can do a 5 strand braid yourself.

6. Waterfall braid.

This is another great look that is effortless and it can easily be upgraded. I’ve seen a lot of up-dos using the waterfall braid that look fantastic. Here’s a tutorial for the simplest version.

7. Hairband braid.

Make a braid as a headband? Genius. If your hair is like mine and you have a lot of wispys then this is perfect because it gets all the hair out of your face and you still look cute. Tutorial here.

8. Crown braid.

See Also

This is a little similar to a milkmaid braid, but I personally like the half up crown braid better than a full crown braid. I’ve included tutorials for both of these styles, full here and half here.

9. Dutch braid.

If you can braid, you can do a dutch braid. I usually call this an inside out braid, because you are just reversing the way you weave, so that the outside goes under the middle instead, so the braid pops out. Find instructions here.

10. Fishtail braid.

A fishtail braid is really not as complicated as it looks. It takes a few tries for it to be perfect, but all braids are like that. And it’s an easy look to do if you’re going to class or something. Find a tutorial here.


So here are just some ways you can rock this hairstyle. Once you learn the basics of braiding, you can do any one of these hairstyles and so many more. A great thing about braids is that they are versatile so you can do any style you want and they make for beautiful hairstyles for wedding or fancy occasions. And a simple french braid is always in style.


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