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Fall Fashion Trends: 2013

Fall Fashion Trends: 2013

Everything you need to know about fall fashion trends is here! From the top accessories to the cutest outfits, here are the top fall trends.

It’s that time of year again when we have to sadly put away our flip-flops…but the good thing is that Fall fashion can be the trendiest season of the year! This is because Fall weather means that you’ll be able to wear the broadest variety of clothing on a daily basis, due to being able to play with layering and that the season is sunny enough to wear floral prints and cold enough to bring out your scarves and cute jackets. These are the top 3 trends this Fall, so gear up to take it by storm. Click through each image to get an exclusive discount!

1) Plaid. You can wear plaid in so many ways, from over-sized flannel shirts over leggings to a classic plaid jacket to a schoolgirl-chic plaid skirt. It’s key to keep everything else simple and let the bold print have its moment. The trendy plaid styles below are from Boohoo.

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2) Leather. Leather is very versatile and does not have to scream “biker chick” (unless you want it to, in which case pile on the leather, metallic hardware, and do your thing). You can pair leather pieces that are in line with your personal style, like pairing a leather mini with a pink ruffly top, or layering a slouchy sweater over leather leggings. Avoid wearing head-to-toe leather and experiment beyond black leather: burgundy, brown, and khaki are also great options that will match well with your Fall wardrobe. The leather bottoms are from Forever21 and the leather bag and boots are from Nordstrom.

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3) Cutouts are still going strong! Rejuvenate the look for Fall by choosing jewel tones and neutrals over pastels. Balance the skin-baring cutouts by covering up where else skin is exposed. If the cutouts on top give you a backless look, wear tights or skinny jeans. You can also wear a long sleeved top or dress with unexpected side cutouts. The top row of peekaboo styles is from Charlotte Russe and the bottom row is from Boohoo.

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Other trends that we will see this Fall are emerald green (the color has been heating up the runways and is flattering on every skin tone), velvet, military-chic styles, and fur. Layering will be big, wear a tank, cardigan, leather jacket, and your favorite scarf at the same time. Switch up scarves to make your favorite jacket look new each time. Hit up StudentRate, your online portal for exclusive discounts for these cute styles and whatever else catches your eye!