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10 Fall Fashion Statements You’ll Want To Be Making In 2020

10 Fall Fashion Statements You’ll Want To Be Making In 2020

We know, summer just began. But we can’t help but drool over all of the fall fashion trends we’ll be making when the time comes. Like any other year, 2020 has introduced us to a variety of new, modish fashion statements we can’t help but feel obligated to make some of which we’ve yet to see and some of which are making subsequent debuts from previous decades. Whatever the case may be, we are thrilled at the thought of fall fashion. And so, we threw together a list of 10 fall fashion statements you will definitely want to be making this fall. A word of advice: you’re going to want to read every single one. 

Square-toed Everything

Seemingly all designers have made the switch from pointed-toe heels, mules, sandals, loafers to their square-toe counterparts, and we’re not complaining. Though we have many fashion houses to thank for this unbelievably hot trend, we owe the bulk of our gratitude to the beloved Daniel Lee. Creative director of Bottega Veneta, which has grown to become the go-to for all things squared-toe, Lee debuted this shoe craze at his 2019 inaugural collection. The then 32-year-old won over the hearts of many, as proven by nearly any shoe department in which you walk. Truth is, this domination is exactly what we expected from the former Celine Director of Ready-to-Wear Design. Fashion is simply in his DNA. 

Upper toe straps, varying in their textures, can be found in classic Bottega Veneta Intrecciato weaves, completely mesh, thong strapped-styles, or just plain leather. While some soles finish wide, others finish narrow, so there’s really no limitation to what this shoe can and cannot look like. 


Though 2019 marked the grand resurgence of the squared-toe, the shoe made its first potent appearance back in the ’90s. So, whether you think the trend will die out within the next few seasons or dominate for years to come, we recommend holding tight any pairs you may have lying around. We’re wagering they’ll be back again in a few decades or so.

10 Fall Fashion Statements You'll Want To Be Making In 2020

Chunky, Funky And Clunky 

All hail the chunky boot. This trend, which also made its debut in 2019, has us thrilled for sweater (and leather) weather. This lug-soled leather boot is a FW staple, and we plan on flaunting pairs of our own once the weather drops this upcoming fall. 


We’ve seen these at every level of the fashion industry, from ASOS and Dr. Martens to Prada and The Row (a personal favorite for tall leather boots). And although the trend might seem slightly outdated, per Prada’s Fall 2019 Ready-to-Wear catwalk debut of lug-sole combat boots, is there really ever such a thing as an outdated black boot? The answer is simply no. Whether you’re in the mood for a grungy, utility-looking combat boot, or an elegant leather thigh high to pair with a babydoll dress and a hair bow, these boots are sure to make your everyday styling a tad bit simpler. 

With a chunky pair of boots at the ready, you’ll be quick to toss those summer sandals to the back of your closet. Goodbye SS, hello FW. 

10 Fall Fashion Statements You'll Want To Be Making In 2020


Layered Goodness

Let’s just say that undershirts and pantyhose aren’t the only things you’re going to want to layer this fall. According to Who What Wear, the trend analysts that seem to have fashion figured out down to a science, layered gold necklaces are here to stay in 2020. And if they said it, it must be true right? 

From chokers to dainty chains to shells to links, we’ve truly seen this style personalized to any individual style. Nearly every layered gold necklace combination we’ve seen features a coin pendant as a base. But, of course, there are no set rules on which gold necklaces are to be layered, nor is  there a limit to how many of these golden beauties to layer, so feel free to go all out. Then, others of different lengths, chunkiness and adorning pendants are added on, and positioned in a way so that each of them occupies their own spotlight. From luxury gold chains to cheaper, knock-off ones that look just as glamorous, hopping on this bandwagon trend should be a breeze. And having a set of these in your jewelry box will guarantee the perfect complement to any outfit you could possibly fashion. 

While you can find some pre-layered all-in-ones, most enjoy personalizing their layerings and pairing necklaces themselves. Who’s to say you can’t do the same? Here’s the only rule: use gold chains, and have fun with it. 

10 Fall Fashion Statements You'll Want To Be Making In 2020

The Perfect Set-Up

Well if there’s one trend we can definitely get behind for the feasibility, simplicity and overall style it offers, it’s the set. 

From ’90s plaid to Chanel tweed, these matching multi-faceted garbs have made their ways from the runways down to the department stores. The set comes in different shapes, colors, patterns and assortment of garbs, but all seem to look something like this: a piece of outerwear, some type of bottom and a matching top. Pretty self-explanatory, no? The personalization and customization behind different designer’s set rendition is where all the excitement lies. Some creatives have even tried fashioning them from old t-shirts at home, which we fully support.

We’ve seen everything from bra and skirt duos to three piece suit sets (thanks, Danielle Berstein). Speaking of, the bra has also become a fashion fad in recent seasons, and we’re not anticipating a slow down in the bra craze any time soon. Besides, who said you can’t wear bra tops in the fall? Not us. Throw it in your set and voila, you’ve successfully meshed two of this fall’s most fetching trends into a single outfit. What an impressive feat. 

10 Fall Fashion Statements You'll Want To Be Making In 2020

Put On Your Shades, It’s Bright In This Showroom

Neutrals, who? Unfortunately, most of us resort to the generic black, grey and brown uniform come colder months. It’s almost as if we feel compelled to follow suit with the dreariness of shortened days and drab weather that the fall and winter months bring. While the neutrals-only wardrobe is one we’re all guilty of boasting, as we can’t avoid its undeniable versatility and convenience, it’s one that we’re trying to transition away from this fall. The runway has recently introduced us to a variety of bright neons and show stopping highlights, and chartreuse greens and butter yellows are the main culprits.

These non-traditional colors that seem to scream extravagance aren’t exactly wardrobe staples, but man do we love a breath of fresh air. And while most critics feel they’re controversial, we think they’re quite spectacular. And apparently Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, and vintage Pucci do too. 

While these bright shades might be new to us, they’ve made their grand appearances into catalogs and onto clothing racks many times before and they were no stranger to the ’60s. Though it may be hard to be convinced that pops of color as electrifying as these will last past summer months, there’s no way we’re tossing them in boxes to hibernate until the days get longer again. Do yourself a favor: break the norms and get your hands on some color this fall. 

10 Fall Fashion Statements You'll Want To Be Making In 2020

Leather Weather 

We couldn’t decide whether to feature leather jumpsuits, or leather apparel in general. And, as you can see, we went with the ladder. 

Leather is timeless. We’ve seen it styled since the beginning of time literally. From the time of cavemen to the age of the catwalk, this hot-button material has never gone out of style, and we don’t foresee it doing so anytime soon. 

The notorious black leather jacket has always been a closet staple. And black fitted leather pants? Don’t even get us started on our obsession over a pair of those. But now, we’re seeing designers experiment with leather pieces in all corners of the apparel department and in a variety of colors, too. Colored leather has successfully made its way onto every shelf and runway, and we’re just dying to get our hands on its pliable goodness. 

From ruched pants and midi skirts to utility suits and trenches, all of the fashion houses we drool over have experimented with this trend in some way or another   Louis Vuitton (this was a given), Bottega Veneta, Givenchy, Prada and Hermès to name a few. The color palettes are truly unexpected and have ranged anywhere from neons and bright hues to subtle pastels and earthy tones. Whichever color/garb combo you go with, as the options are seemingly endless, just know it’s always leather weather. 

10 Fall Fashion Statements You'll Want To Be Making In 2020

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A Nostalgic Rubber-banded Twist

Cue the tie dye. You had to have seen this one coming, no? Whether you’re experimenting with bleach dye in your backyard, buying from a friend who’s mastered the art, or splurging on cute matching lounge sets, it’s extremely probable that tie dye has made its way into your wardrobe. Chances are this trend either transports you back to the ’60s or your childhood, when tie dye was just as much a craze as Juicy Couture tracksuits. 

So far, this trend has dominated the Internet in the form of loungewear, but who’s to say that big name designers won’t experiment with it when it comes time to display their FW masterpieces in a few short months? Just think: an Oscar de la Renta gown, tie-dyed and all. While tie dye seems slightly juvenile for a runway feature, we wouldn’t put it past big name designers to show it off in their ready-to-wear collections this fall. In fact, we’ve already seen big names meddle with it in their collections, like Prada, Chloé and Stella McCartney. And according to Harper’s Bazaar, 2020 will be the age of the “tie dye renaissance.”  So, yeah, it’s best we wait and see what tie-dyed goodness fashion week has to offer this fall. But until then, we’re going to keep up with our newfound quarantine hobby. 

10 Fall Fashion Statements You'll Want To Be Making In 2020

Unconventional Prints 

They’re everywhere. From table cloths to wallpapers to paintings and more, these prints have effortlessly splashed their way into every collection. Forget those boring, old neutrals; it’s time to add some funky patterns and loud designs into your recently turned dull wardrobe. We’ve seen polka dots, ’60s wallpaper designs straight out of your grandmother’s dining room, decorative floral prints, psychedelic geometric patterns, painterly motifs, and, of course, tie dye. If you have any interest in staying up-to-trend on this year’s greatest runway hits, we highly recommend you consider investing in more funky patterns. There really is no easier way to make a statement this upcoming fall season than with a splash of your favorite print.

10 Fall Fashion Statements You'll Want To Be Making In 2020

Better Than Grandma’s 

It dominated the spring 2020 runways, and we’re positive it’s here to stay for fall debuts too. After all, it is our favorite textile to cozy up in once the winter months arrive. Everybody, meet crochet. 

We all grew up admiring crocheted table-runner doilies, colorful pot holders and oven mitts knitted in countless patterns all of which were made with love by our grandmothers. But now, according to the runways and our favorite trendsetting designers, wearing grandma’s famous crochet patterns are all the craze.

We’ve seen everything from midi skirts to sweaters to handbags and more, but perhaps the most fetching item of clothing to wear crocheted is the form-fitted, physique-flaunting, simplistic yet intricately woven dress. Oscar de la Renta even introduced crochet to his ready-to-wear line this past spring. Crochet meets de la Renta gown? Talk about a match made in heaven. Dolce & Gabbana, Stella McCartney, Giambattista Valli, Salvatore Ferragamo and Altuzarra are just the beginning of the list of big names that have mastered the art of crocheting. 

Whether you’re boasting a crocheted sweater, crossbody bag, or topping your outfit with a crocheted maxi dress, crochet will simply be a fall fashion must this season. 

10 Fall Fashion Statements You'll Want To Be Making In 2020

Bask In The Mask

This was a no brainer, and we’re pretty sure it’s self-explanatory. If you’re wearing a mask, you might as well make it a fashion statement. Whether you’re cutting up an old sweater, re-purposing the pouches that your luxury bags came in, or simply fashioning a sock into a mask, style it with confidence.

10 Fall Fashion Statements You'll Want To Be Making In 2020
Thinking of flaunting any of these fall fashion trends? Let us know which ones you’re dying to try out in the comments! Spoiler: whichever of these fall fashion trends you choose will be a stylish success.

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