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Fall Fashion Staples You Need In Your Closet

Fall Fashion Staples You Need In Your Closet

Back To School Fashion Trends You Need To Know About

I know how hard it can be to muster up any kind of energy to care about the clothes you wear to class. It is so much easier to wear whatever you wore to bed because you probably didn’t get any sleep in the first place so what’s the point of changing. And the wind tunnel that the library can create makes walking to class a cold and breezy adventure that is best explored in a comfy sweatshirt on. But our Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards are filled with cute fall outfits that we want to recreate but we make the excuse that we don’t have the time or money to pull it off. So here is a list of fall fashion staples that I believe can make getting dressed and feeling great a cheap and easy experience. This guide will help with getting dressed for class in the morning, but can also apply to your overall fall fashion for the season.

The Basics

Best way to save money while shopping in any season is to buy basics. When you are shopping specifically for colder weather, your basics will include items such as t-shirts (long and short-sleeved), sweaters, and the occasional silk blouse for days you need to look professional. But the trick to buying these pieces is to avoid any kind of loud prints (or prints at all if possible). Solid colors only. If you are someone who likes bright colors in their wardrobe then continue to buy what makes you happy, but personally, I like to stick to white, black, and grey tops for the colder weather. The great thing about plain shirts in those colors is that it is hard to tell when you are re-wearing an item. So you could be wearing the same top on Friday as you did on Monday and with a few changes to your overall outfit, no one will be about to tell its the same top. The less detail the better but the style of the top is completely up to you. Whether you like your tops more fitted to your torso or looser with boxier lines, as long as they are comfy and interchangeable, they are worth having in your closet. 



We all hate jeans. The wiggle and jump routine to get into them is annoying. The fact that sometimes they won’t button if you are slightly bloated should be illegal. And the overall stiffness and discomfort are why leggings are so much more appealing. But we can’t deny that jeans will take almost any outfit from bummy to put together. Because shopping for jeans can be frustrating and traumatic, you should always buy and wear what you feel most comfortable in. but my overall suggestion with jeans is to have five different pairs. One dark wash, one light wash, one pair of black jeans, and two pairs of jeans that have holes in them. In the same idea as the basic tops, having a range of different jeans allows you to interchange one item and create a completely new look. Jeans can be expensive, while I believe that the right pair can be worth the price, thrift shops and online coupons have made jeans more affordable. I think it is also a good idea to have at least one pair of dress pants that are not jeans for any professional occasions that are happening on campus. 

Fall Fashion Staples You Need in Your Closet


A girl can never have enough shoes but for your fall wardrobe, you only need three staple pairs. White sneakers, short boots, tall boots. Obviously, we all have more shoes than just those three, but if you are reading this in preparation for a shopping trip, here is what you should be looking for. A pair of white sneakers. My favorite is a white tennis shoe with a little bit of a platform, making even a casual outfit to look as though there was more effort put into creating it. White sneakers go with absolutely anything and are the most comfortable choice for running across campus or catching the bus. Boots are a staple for fall fashion because they can only be worn when temperatures drop and they make any outfit chic. My best advice when buying short and tall boots, I try to buy the opposite color. If I have short boots that are tan then my tall boots are black. Give yourself options so that you can create your fall fashion looks without having to go to the store. For a wildcard-fourth pair of shoes, you could go for a pair of mules or loafers if that is your style. Something fashionable but still wearable in everyday life.

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Fall Fashion Staples You Need in Your Closet


Baby… it’s cold outside. And you need a fabulous coat to keep you warm. My favorite fall fashion trend is a long, slightly oversized, men’s style coat. I used to be against this trend because I didn’t love the unclean lines of a coat that seemed too big for the person wearing it. But not only do I love the warmth that the extra fabric brings, but I also love the power that this gender-neutral fashion pick. The large coat is a statement that is meant to be heard. It shows a level of confidence that dominates the room. It is also the main focus of your outfit, allowing your basics (shirt and jeans combo) to be the supporting characters in their muted tones. Large coats are another item that can be costly but can also be thrifted for a great college-friendly budget. If you are not into the large coat trend like I once was, then you should still look for a great short or fitted jacket that will complete any outfit. Treat the coat or jacket like a fun accessory. This is the fashion piece that can be plaid, color-blocked, loud, embellished. The dullness coming from the cold air should be replaced with fabulous coats littering the campus grounds. 

What are your fall fashion staples? Tell us in the comments!

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