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Fall Fashion Perfect For Texas Weather

Fall Fashion Perfect For Texas Weather

If you are from Texas, you know the weather is bipolar and nearly unpredictable. If you are not from Texas, bless your heart. We also know that Texas does not have much of a fall season. We really only have summer and winter. It is hard for a girl to look her best when she does not know what the weather is going to do. Going to a job interview, class, on a date or out for a girls night? Do not fear, we are here to give you the best tips and tricks to make you turn heads. The first tip is to look at the forecast for the day, of course. Check it multiple times, you may need multiple weather apps. Some days are nice and sunny, and the next day it will be 40 degrees and raining. It might say the high is only 68 degrees, but the southern sun will make it feel like 80 degrees. How do you dress for this? 


Everyone has their favorite pair of jeans, and fall is when they finally get to make their debut. So many looks can be created with just one pair of jeans. If you want to create even more looks, investing in multiple styles can grow your style book without breaking the bank. Some of the most popular styles of jeans right now, are the mom jeans. They are not skinny, but not too baggy. They are high-waisted, which is also a style that made a comeback. Pair your favorite jeans with a cute sweater, and a pair of booties. Or for a dressed-down look, replace the booties with cute pair of sneakers. Crop sweaters and hoodies with jeans are also great for a Texas fall. 


Another really good way to get into the fall spirit without feeling too hot, is to wear bright colors. Maybe you are going somewhere casual, and indoors. A jean jacket, leggings and a plain white t-shirt or your favorite casual top will do for going to class. A big tip for fall fashion, invest in a jean jacket and a couple pairs of leggings. A more dressed-up, and work friendly version of this is with jeans, a basic tee and a long cardigan. A nice blouse or any cute top can be added to make it your own. Any shoes would work with this versatile look. 

Jeans and leggings can get boring. Spice up your wardrobe with patterned or different colored pants. There are so many outfits that can be created using just one item to build off of. Throw on any top with patterned pants and add a jean jacket, or any cute jacket. Black and white plaid, olive, maroon, dark khaki and striped pants are a few options to level up your fall fashion.


Skirts & dresses  

If you do not feel like wearing pants at all but still want to be warm, add tights under your favorite dress, or an overall mini dress. Black, grey, maroon and red dresses are the best for fall and winter. Thigh high boots and booties are more comfortable than heels, and keep your feet warm, while still looking stylish. Overall mini dresses are the perfect way to layer. You can wear a long sleeve shirt, turtle neck or sweater underneath. 

If you are going to be outside at a football game, then there are a few looks to choose from. A long sleeve turtle neck  tucked into a mini skirt, with thigh high boots will keep you warm, without feeling stuffed. This look is perfect for fall with a beaming sun. If you do not have thigh high boots, add a pair of tights if it is a bit chilly. You can also switch the long sleeve tee for a sweater that is thin enough to tuck in. 


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Accessorizing is important in any outfit, regardless of season. Add a long necklace with your sweater and some dangle earrings. Chokers are perfect for layering, if you are going for a more unique look. Layering necklaces is the perfect way to dress-up your jean jacket and leggings. Bracelets also pair well with the casual looks. Sadly, the season for anklets is over. However, you can make up for that with your hair and makeup. Sometimes the hair and makeup, make the outfit. Maybe it is a bit colder than expected, and it is not wash day for your hair, add a beanie. Fall and winter are the best weather for a lazy hair day. Throwing on some mascara, face powder and lip gloss, or a full face can take any outfit to the next level. The plus side is that it you do not have to worry about it melting off in 10 minutes. 


Tips & tricks

We all know how to tuck our shirt in, but do you know about the french tuck? This is when you only take the front part of your shirt and tuck it into your pants. Doing this can make any outfit feel more sophisticated. Try this with any loose fitting top or your sweater and jeans or jean jacket and leggings. 

Dressing for 50 degree mornings and 70 degree afternoons, can be difficult. Layering is one of the best ways to get around in the fall. You may have to carry the top layer in the afternoon, but that is the price you pay for fashion. Either that, or you can brace the cold until it warms up in the afternoon. Long sleeve tees, light jackets and cardigans, flannels and thin sweaters can be used to layer. If it is cold and rainy, go for the bum look. It’s hard to want to look cute when it is miserable outside. If you have cute layers, go for it. 


Fall does not last long, and it is difficult to navigate. We hope these different styles can help Texas natives and those who are visiting. There are so many opportunities to show your personality through your fashion. Do not let the seasons cramp your style. 

Tell us how you deal with Texas weather in the comments. 

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