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Fall Fashion Trends: In Love with Layering

Fall is about embracing the changing leaves and the excess seasonal coffee flavors. But you know what else we love about fall? The layering – and lots of it. We’ve got your guide to mixing and layering  your favorite fall patterns and textures to create a completely comfy, autumn-humming look!

First things fall… I mean first:

  1. Get the staples:

Loose, basic tees

Comfortable flannels and sweaters

Scarves on scarves on scarves

A leather jacket or short trench

Your favorite boots!

Now I bet you have a bunch of these pieces already! You’ve just got to get all Bill Nye on your closet and experiment with different pieces.


  1. Loose, basic tees – Also known as my go-to’s for everyday-wear. Find basic tees in neutral colors like browns, blues, greys, greens and tans for fall. I like mine loose and breathable, 100% cotton for long-lasting softness! Alternative Apparel has great basics for fall and year round
  2. Flannels and sweaters – Baggy and in typical, cozy autumn colors. I like my men’s, oversized flannels from places like American Eagle and Pacsun and I’ll do a messy roll-up of the sleeves. Or a chunky sweater with a few statement accessories.


If you’re in store for a more preppy look, add a nylon or quilted vest over a simple sweater. This look is timeless!

  1. Scarves on scarves on scarves– Now I’m a major scarf fan, so I might be a bit biased, but you can really never have too many! Grab a bulky infinity scarf and head to the nearest tailgate, or a cozy wool scarf with a preppy plaid pattern or dancing deer and snowflakes. Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 are great for funky scarves, and Tommy Hilfiger has plenty of classic styles.



  1. If it’s a bit chilly and you’ll be on campus all day, wear your favorite leather jacket over your flannel and tee. (It’s alright if the flannel is a bit longer, that’s the look!) And yes, you can wear a leather jacket outside of heading to the bar! Wear with leggings or dark wash jeans and whichever boots you’d like. Ankle boots with a chunky heel are in this season, and riding boots are always popular!

If you’re not really into that Sons of Anarchy look, go for a trench coat in khaki, blue or green. I love those with a drawstring around the waistline and shapely pockets and collars.

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Don’t be afraid to mix dark colors and neutrals. Blacks, browns, blues, greys and tans – all fall favorites!

Add some extra flare with a fun pair of vintage, knit gloves or a cable knit hat headwrap. High socks are a great addition to a pair of slim boots and sunglasses are always a must.


Grab your most worn-out looking satchel on your way out and you’re a walking fall fashionista!

Happy falling!



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