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20 Fall Fashion Essentials Under $30

20 Fall Fashion Essentials Under $30

September 22 is the first day of fall which means pathways will have fall leaves, the wind will be brisk and pumpkin spice everything will hit stores world-wide (this year it came early). You know how “spring showers bring May flowers?” I have this theory that fall wind brings new wardrobe. That’s right; it’s almost, if not officially, sweater weather. Every year stores will have a better version of what we already have in our closets and advertisement will have us believe that it’s the “better improved” item…so obviously we need them. But as college students, we are all on a budget, which is why I put together 20 of those fall fashion essentials you need to rock this fall all UNDER $30.

1. A Pinafore Dress

With the school girl look trending this Fall, pinafore and overall dresses are everywhere. Pair them with a white blouse or a sweater for a trendy look!

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Get this look:

Corduroy Pinafore Dress 

2. Dress & Faux Leather Backpack

Want another way to toughen up a sweet little dress? Add an edgy faux leather backpack.

Get this look: 


3. Rain Boots

Fall doesn’t automatically mean that the summer rain is leaving, so might as well get some rain boots you can also use in the snow.

20 Fall Fashion Essentials Under $30

 Get this look:

4. Faux Leather Mini Skirt

This feels like a staple in every wardrobe. Style it with some tights, boots and a long sleeve v-neck and you won’t have to spend an hour staring at your closet for an outfit to appear.

Faux Leather Mini Skirt

Get this look:


5. Ankle Boots

This would also look good with outfit above. Kill two birds with one stone.

Get this look:

6. Faux Suede Cap

For when your hair doesn’t want to respect you.

Get this look:

7. Wide Brim Felt Hat

When you are running late to class and can’t find your comb.

Get this look: 

8. Round Sunglasses

To hide the massive bags under your eyes from your lack of sleep because of all the studying you are doing.

Get this look:

9. Textured Backpack

Your backpack won’t match all of your outfits so you need options.

Get this look: 


10. Bright Red Lipstick

A pop of bright color for those class presentations is sure to keep all focus on you.

Get this look:

11. Vampy Nail Polish

Choose any wine colored nail polish and it’ll instantly give the essence that you are ready for cooler weather.

Get this look:

12. Plaid Anything

For those days when it still feels like summer and you don’t want to take a heavy sweater to class, grab a scarf to wrap around you if the temp drops.

I love that these fall fashion essentials are so affordable!

Get this look:


13. Tote Purse

Consider it your new backpack.

Get this look:


14. Leather Jacket

Anything leather feels like a staple for fall. This can also substitute a sweater or coat. Good to use during September, October and possibly November.

Get this look:


15. Slouchy Hat

To give that “I just woke up and couldn’t bother to do my hair” effect and still look positively chic.

Get this look:


16. Maxi Skirt

For those of us who are in denial of summer ending. #goodbyesummer2017

Get this look:


17. Sweater Dress

Dresses are the epitome of 8:00 a.m. classes. Who has time to come up with a full outfit when you were studying until 4 in the morning for that physics exam?

Get this look:


18. Harry Potter Glasses

To appear smarter than what you already are.

Get this look:

19. Agenda

To keep your life from falling apart you need a cute stationary to write it all down in.

Get this look:


20. Vampy Lip Color

You could never have too many vampy lip colors.

Copy this look:


Any other fall fashion essentials you can’t live without? Share in the comments!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

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