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Fall Fashion Essentials Every College Girl Needs

Fall Fashion Essentials Every College Girl Needs


For most of us, Fall is the most exciting season of the year. Leaves are turning, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are making a come back, but most of all it is time for us to wear our beloved flannel shirts, riding boots and puffer vests. For the college fashionista on a budget, finding affordable Fall fashion can be a daunting task. Here is a list of Fall fashion essentials every college girl needs!

1. Sweaters

Comfortable loose sweaters are a must for Fall. Whether you wear them with leggings and combat boots or skinny jeans and riding boots, they always come in handy when the weather starts to get colder.


 2.  Jeans

You will be glad to own a couple of pairs of jeans in the Fall. We love to wear skinny jeans with riding boots or short booties. Boyfriends jeans look great with cute flats and a flowy top. Khaki or Black jeggings are perfect with a nice pair of heels or high boots to dress up your outfit for a night out!



3. Fall Jackets

Picking the perfect Fall jacket really depends on your style. If you are going for a relaxed street style look, opt for a khaki anorak jacket. If you prefer a sleek and classy style, go for the trench coat or duster vest. For a sporty casual look, get a cropped denim jacket. For an edgy and trendy style, go for the studded leather moto jacket.


4. Flannel and Chambray Shirts

It wouldn’t be Fall without flannel. Period. Whether it’s red flannel or black and white plaid, you need a couple of solid options in your closet. Chambray shirts are amazing with black leggings for a super easy outfit to head to class.



5. Fall Boots

Picking the perfect pair of fall boots to go with your outfit will depend a lot on the style you are going for. Combat boots will complement a casual or edgy style, while riding boots will give you a more preppy and polished style. Booties with a small heel are perfect when you want to dress up slightly.


6. Fall Dress

Flowy shift dresses and shirt dresses are perfect for the  beginning of the season. You can wear them with tights or leggings and pair them with a cute pair of boots. This will make for a dressier outfit than fall shirts. Sweater dresses are my personal favorite – tight sweater dresses with tall boots and loose jumper dresses with flat boots.


7. Scarf

A couple good Fall scarves are staples, not to mention that they come in handy to protect yourself from chilly temperatures when the wind picks up. Chunky infinity scarves are a must, but having a couple of thinner options for warmer weather doesn’t hurt.



8. Hat

Hats might not be for everyone, but it can completely change your outfit and take it from plain to trendy. Fall is a great time to experiment with hats, and have some fun with your outfits! Whether your prefer a wool floppy hat, or a Panama hat, make sure you find the shape that works best with your features.

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