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20 Fall DIY Crafts That Are Cute and Easy

20 Fall DIY Crafts That Are Cute and Easy

There is something about the weather getting cooler than makes everyone want to get crafty. Whether you are great at DIY projects or terrible at them, there are so many crafts to make that there is something perfect for everyone no matter your budget or skill level!

Here are some DIY crafts that are super cute and really fun to make!

1. Use old socks to make cute pumpkins!

If you love going to department stores near the end of the summer, you are bound to come across dozens of those cute, decorative pumpkins. You might toss a couple into your cart and end up spending close to $100 when you could have made your own for much less! Here is a guide to making fabric pumpkins from old socks from your drawers!


2. Make pom-poms for a no-sew fall garland.

If you are tempted by that cute garland in the fall section, resist and make something better yourself! This simple no-sew garland is really cute and will not break the bank! 

20 Fall DIY Crafts That Are Cute AF

3. Use wood to make candy corn decorations.

This DIY requires more skill and tools but if you have the available resources, you should give these cute decorations a try! They are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Plus these candy corns can be used year after year!


4. For a simple decoration, try making this pumpkin vase.

If you are great at floral arrangements, this is the perfect DIY for you! Go ahead and buy a cute, plastic pumpkin, some pretty fall “stems” and you are ready to get your cute pumpkin vase started! Go for it and have fun in the process!

5. These twine pumpkins are inexpensive and look adorable!

For this DIY, you can probably gather most of these things from around your house or apartment. You can use different colored twine to create variation in your sisal twine pumpkins!

6. Instead of buying overpriced signs, try building and painting your own!

While you can certainly control how much you spend on these in department stores, you can make your own to create signs you actually love. You can make this process as complex or simple as you like but no matter how you approach this, you will be pleased with the end result of these fall and Halloween DIY signs.20 Fall DIY Crafts That Are Cute AF


7. This hoop wreath is simple and fun to make!

If you want a quality wreath, you will have to dish out over thirty dollars for something that looks half-way decent. Why spend money on something overpriced when you can make it yourself! This cute fall embroidery hoop wreath is easy to make.

8. If you need a fall-themed candy jar, try this craft!

While having containers for every season to hide your sweets in is not a requirement, it is definitely a fun way to hide your candy from other people! This DIY is so inexpensive that you will want to make multiples of these cute Dollar Tree pumpkin candy jars!

9. Swap out your usual ring dish for a leaf one!

This is not a requirement, but these cute leaf dishes make the perfect accessory for any room in your space! Whether you want to use these for jewelry, paper clips, or a place to rest your spoon while looking, these leaf bowls are perfect and easy to make!


20 Fall DIY Crafts That Are Cute AF

10. Buy some cheap pumpkins and elevate them yourself!

Just because something does not look cute, does not mean that it cannot potential! Go ahead and toss some of those inexpensive pumpkins into your basket and paint them with colors you like! This is a fun way to dress up decor to make it look like it cost money, and ensure they go with the rest of your fall decorations. Give this DIY pumpkin craft a try!

11. For some fun outside decorations, make these DIY pumpkin topiaries.

Look no further if you are searching for a cute project for your front porch! Buy three fake pumpkins, and decorate them however you like or with whatever materials make you happy! Make sure you put some weight in the bottom so that they will not blow away in the wind. Have fun making these farmhouse pumpkin topiaries!


12. Keep it simple with an elegant basket arrangement.

If you are looking for something to fill an odd space, or even take center stage, this DIY is perfect for you. There is a significant amount of flexibility with this project because you can control every aspect! From the size container you choose, to how many decorations you put inside, this fall arrangement is completely customizable to your taste!

20 Fall DIY Crafts That Are Cute AF

13. Use some old Easter eggs to make some cute acorns.

Pumpkins are not the only decoration for fall! This DIY is simple and the end result is the most adorable fall acorns you have ever seen! Give this a try if you are looking for something easy to make.


14. Re-purposed wood makes perfect worn outdoor pumpkins.

If you have some spare wood lying around or want to go searching for some people have thrown out, you can complete this DIY without spending much money at all! This simple craft is perfect whether you plan to keep them inside or outdoors. Give this pumpkin craft a try for yourself!

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15. Use your mason jars.

If you live anywhere close to the South, you are bound to have some extra mason jars hidden in cabinets collecting dust. Break them out and use them as candle holders! If you want to use these for light, use fake LED ones to prevent fire hazards! Feel free to feel these mason jars with your favorite mini fall decorations.


20 Fall DIY Crafts That Are Cute AF

16. Fall streamers are a simple way to add color to any room.

This is the least expensive and simplest fall DIY! All you have to do is gather some pretty leaves from outside and hot glue them together in whatever pattern and length you like. Check out this tutorial for fall leaf streamers.

17. Get ready to dye for these cute napkins.

If you love a creative, unique craft, this tutorial is definitely for you! Follow the direction on the box dye and have fun finding materials to create different patterns that will make big dinners even more fun. Give these inkodye napkins a try!


18. Use plastic pumpkins as planters for your succulents.

Whether you choose to use real or fake succulents for this DIY, you cannot go wrong either way! Arrange your succulent inside a fake pumpkin and add fake or real greenery until you are pleased with the final look.

20 DIY Fall Crafts That Are Cute AF

19. Try these cinnamon stick candles!

For cute fall decorations that are easy to make, take some cinnamon sticks, position them around a real or fake candle, and secure them with twine. Not only do they look great, but they smell absolutely amazing!


20. For another fun arrangement, use a cake tier and elevate it with cute fall decorations.

Using decorations, signs, and stems that you already have, go ahead and arrange them on your tiered tray! It is easy to move around from room to room and is the perfect piece to complete your room decor.

20 Fall DIY Crafts That Are Cute AF

What are your favorite fall DIY crafts? Share yours below!