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Fall Decor Ideas To Brighten Your Home This Autumn

Fall decor shopping and crafting can be a great activity to do by yourself, with friends, or to get the family together. There are so many options for decorating your home for autumn, whether you make it a DIY or spend a little extra to save yourself the time and effort. Halloween and Thanksgiving are around the corner, and who doesn’t want to feel festive in their home? Having a variety of fall decor ideas beforehand is key to having your home feel festive!

Paint Your Mason Jars

Chances are you have some old mason jars lying around the house somewhere. If not, they are an inexpensive purchase to make for this decor idea. Getting a few mason jars and painting them any autumn color is a fun and simple DIY to add to your home. All you need is some plants, flowers, lights, or any other accent you feel would fit in your home, and you are all set! Whether you want this to be a small accent in your home or a big centerpiece is up to you. Painting mason jars and adding accents in them is an inexpensive fall decor idea anyone can do!

Festive Entrance

Having an inviting, fun entrance is a great way to have all your guests and neighbors get in the holiday spirit! Getting a doormat with a cute phrase relating to the fall, adding fake autumn colored leaves, and placing small pumpkins at your door is the best way to feel festive every time you come and go at your house. You can even place real pumpkins that you carved designs in or painted something fun on at your front door! Of course, you don’t want to go too overboard if you live at an apartment complex, so just using one or two of these items may work best depending on your type of home!

Decorate Your Own Pumpkins

Decorating your own pumpkins is a classic fall decorating idea that never gets old. Even if it is something you do every year, it only comes around once, so it stays fun and exciting every time. It doesn’t cost much to make, and you can have them around your house or at your front door, whichever you prefer. You can go for something goofy, a festive look, or just simple colors to make it stand out in your home! Whichever design choice you make, it will be a guaranteed fun activity for friends and family to join in on and make your home look ready for fall!

Tiered Trays

Having this tiered tray of decor in your dining room or kitchen is a unique way to have a variety of decorations without having your house be overcrowded with fall decor. This accent will add that festive feeling to your home yet still have an elegant look. You can layer it however you want, with whatever decorations you choose! Fall mugs, small signs, miniature pumpkins, acorns, and plants can add so much elegance to this look with little effort. It is a great piece for any room in your home, and can even be used as a gift for someone who just loves fall! 

Decorative Wreath

Placing a wreath on your front door is an easy way to feel festive this upcoming fall. It is a simple accessory that will make your home instantly feel more inviting! They can go on your front door, but if you want the inside of your home to feel festive as well, there’s nothing wrong with adding them on bedroom or bathroom doors! You can change it out throughout the year if you have other wreaths for different holidays or seasons as well. Choose whatever color scheme you like and your favorite fall decor items to go with it, and you’ll have the perfect entrance to your home for this fall!

White Pumpkin Decor

Having white pumpkins adds a level of sophistication and simplicity to your home if you do not want anything too bold or bright. Placing them in a compartment like this will allow you to remove the clutter and still have a lot of pumpkins in one place. It is perfect for an entryway or by the fireplace, where it will fit in yet still be noticeable. Its simplicity is comfortable for those that don’t want to feel like it is a temporary display. It is a great design choice for those of you who want to have a festive home without feeling like it is Halloween all the time. 

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Light Fixtures

Adding small lights in different spots of your house is a guaranteed way to have your home feeling more like fall. Putting them in fake tree branches, painted mason jars, or just laying them out on the countertops will add that festive feeling to any space! Small lights like these are often used as apartment or dorm decor, but changing up the way you use them can change the aesthetic entirely. Lighting can instantly make your home feel festive without having to spend money or time on decorating your house!

Decorative Centerpiece

There are so many different options when it comes to creating a decorative centerpiece. Whenever you have the whole family in town or are celebrating a Friendsgiving, you will probably want to have the dining table looking as good as the rest of your house! Placing small pumpkins, acorns, light fixtures, fake plants and branches, and small signs in a basket or tray will add to the fall decor at your table. It will make your dining room table feel like fall without having to spend too much. We want every room in the house to look and feel like fall, so this is a small, simple addition to your dining room or kitchen that will have you and all your guests feeling festive while sharing a meal together!

Which of these fall decor ideas will you be incorporating in your house this autumn? Let us know in the comments below!

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