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9 Fall Decor Ideas For Your Dorm

Fall decorating isn’t just for fancy suburban homes! You too can decorate your dorm room for fall. Don’t let the small space stop you from surrounding yourself with all the fall vibes. Here are nine ideas to inspire you.

1. Fall Welcome Mat

A welcome mat is the first thing people see when they come to your room. So why not make it super cute and fall inspired? This idea is perfect because you can keep your dorm clean by asking people to wipe their shoes on the mat. And having a cute saying like, “Hey There Pumpkin” is the perfect welcome for fall. Plus, your friends will want to keep coming back to visit.

2. Decorative Pumpkins

Decorative pumpkins are perfect to spice up your dorm for fall! Pick up some mini ceramic pumpkins at your nearby Michaels or Hobby Lobby and they make the perfect addition to your basic room. It will instantly make your room feel festive and ready for the new season. You can add these to a desk, night stand or window sill.

3. Mason Jars Lights

These mason jar lights are the perfect addition to a dark, drab dorm room. If you are someone who is into DIY crafts or projects, this is for you! Get some twinkle lights, empty mason jars and wire and go to town. This idea is super trendy and great for making your dorm room stand out from the rest. String these above your bed or desk and it will make a huge statement. Pinterest is shook.

4. Cute Fall Signs

Fall signs are a must-have for your dorm. You can even customize your message with letter board signs. It’s up to you! Letter board signs are great because you can change the vibe of your room as the seasons change. Customizable signs are also perfect for welcoming fall. Place your sign on a window sill, desk or hang it on the wall.

5. Fall Candles

If your dorm allows candles, stock up on all the pumpkin spice scented candles you can get! If not, just use the electronic timer candles instead. They will create the same cozy effect without the scent. You can spray a cinnamon fall scented room spray to help! Lighting a fall scented candle instantly welcomes a relaxing evening in watching scary movies. Boo!

6. Fall Pillows

Your dorm room is not complete without festive fall pillows that cozy up your bed or seating area. Decorative pillows make your room a destination your friends will love to hang out in. They just make the space so inviting and comfy! Plus, you can swap out seasonal pillows whenever you want.

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7. Cozy Fall Throws

Who doesn’t love a plush throw to snuggle with? There’s something magical about wrapping yourself in a huge fuzzy blanket on a cold rainy day. You only need one or two of these in your dorm room, maybe one on your bed and one to drape over a chair. Plus, when your crush from the fifth floor comes over to watch movies, it’s a perfect opportunity to cuddle with them.

8. Fall Cookies

If your dorm has a communal kitchen with an oven, which it most likely does, spend an afternoon baking cookies. But not just any cookies, I’m talking about the cut-out holiday shaped sugar cookies. These were my childhood fav. You can choose from pumpkins or ghosts, so cute! Plus they will make your room smell like a bakery for hours.

9. Fall Décor: Hanging Leaf Garland

This one is easy to DIY or just pick up from your local Michaels or Home Goods. A hanging leaf garland looks cute above your bed or desk area. We love a creative, innovative queen!

Well, there you have it, nine festive fall décor ideas for your dorm! I hope this got you in the mood for the upcoming spooky season and excited to decorate for fall. Make sure to comment which of these décor ideas you are going to try out. Happy decorating!

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