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12 Fall Date Ideas You Can Impress Your SO With

The fall is the perfect time to cuddle with your significant other! It’s warm enough to spend time outside in the afternoon but chilly enough to hold hands and snuggle up to each other without overheating. Thinking of good date ideas can be tricky, but we’ve got you covered. Here are 12 fall date ideas for you and your SO to spend some quality time together.

1. Apple Picking

Apple picking in the fall is a great date idea. You’re spending time running around an apple orchard with your sweetie, picking sweet fruits. Just imagine the potential for cute pictures! Plus, you can call them the apple of your eye.

2. Go For A Day Hike

If you and your SO are outdoorsy people, go hiking together! If there aren’t any mountains nearby, find a local nature preserve and take a nature hike and enjoy the views together.

3. Make A Meal Together

How about you and your SO prepare a meal together? People need to eat and although sharing meals are a typical date activity, making them together is a bit more out of the norm. You could also take a cooking class together and learn from a professional.

4. Picnic In The Park

Some people enjoy the outdoors but don’t like hiking, so why not take that meal you made together and eat it outside? You can still enjoy the views but in a more relaxed setting. This is also a great double date idea, especially if you make it a potluck picnic where everyone brings something.

5. Pumpkin Carving/Decorating

This is an idea you might want to implement closer to Halloween time, but it’s a fun way to get crafty with your SO. Get some pumpkins, either from a pumpkin patch or a grocery store, some carving utensils, and some craft supplies, and go to town! It’s messy, it’s fun, and it gets you ready for the spooky season.

6. Make S’mores

Need s’more fun date ideas? Make a bonfire and cook some s’mores! Plus, you can snuggle up to your SO by the fire and watch the flames- super romantic! Also another great double (or group) date idea.

7. Jack-O-Lantern Festival

If you want to see some pros’s carving skills, visit a jack-o-lantern carving festival together! The designs are wild and it’s fun to see row after row of carved pumpkins.

8. Farmers’ Market

Take your SO to a local farmers’ market and buy local fruits and veggies or just walk around together! It can be really fun to see what nearby farms and orchards grow, and it supports the local economy. It’s a win-win!

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9. Visit A Brewery

For those of you who are 21+ and like beer, visit a brewery and do a beer tasting or see how beer is made. This is a perfect way to surprise a beer-loving SO, especially if there’s a brewery nearby whose beer they like.

10. Volunteer At An Animal Shelter

This may not be the best date for people who have pet allergies, but for those of you who don’t and who like animals, find a nearby animal shelter and volunteer together! You could walk dogs or play with cats with your SO, and you’ll be doing something great for the community.

11. Play Tourist

Wherever you live, chances are, you haven’t done all of the typical tourist activities or visited all of the touristy sites. You and your partner could spend a day or two playing tourist where you live, taking cheesy photos in front of tourist attractions and siteseeing.

12. Take A Class

If there’s something you and your partner have talked about wanting to do together for a long time, try finding a nearby class! Whether it’s pottery, ballroom dance, aerial silks, or something entirely different, look up nearby locations where it’s taught and sign up to take a class together. It’s a great bonding experience, and you may leave with a shared hobby!

What are your favorite fall date ideas? Tell us below!

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