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10 Fall Date Ideas In Tallahassee

It’s officially fall, it is officially October, and it is officially cuffing season! Do they still call it that? Well, I’m going to. I am a sucker for celebrating every season to the fullest and taking advantage of the stereotypical activities we see in the movies, like apple picking and pumpkin patches. After all, it only comes once a year, so make the most of it. If you are single and plan to stay that way, this list is still perfect to do with your best friends to make the most of the fall season. Either way, now that the colder months are upon us–not yet at FSU– it is time to move from beach days and sunbathing to fall baking and scary movies.

1. AMC theater for a scary movie

The AMC theater has the comfort of sitting in your living room with a bigger and better T.V. The reclining leather armchairs offer comfort and the perfect setting to cuddle up to your significant other–just mind your PDA. You can even pick your seats before you go to sit down to see if others will be sitting near you or to ensure you will get to be in the front or back of the theater. I recommend bringing blankets and buying some snacks, a movie just isn’t as good without it. I am not a fan of scary movies, but ’tis the season. Make this date fall-themed by going to see the latest scary movie. If you can’t watch a scary movie without getting nightmares, the new animated Addams Family will be in theaters this season and is a little more family-friendly for all of my fellow scaredy cats.

2. Pumpkin patch

It hasn’t happened yet, but I am sure that I will be seeing plenty of pumpkin patch photos all over Instagram. It really is the best way to enjoy the fall air– go ahead and wander through a corn maze, and pick a pumpkin to carve later on. The best ones even have a little shop on the property where you can find apple cider doughnuts and the apple cider itself served hot or cold. My best memories of fall were of these pumpkin patches. Take your time, walk through and really enjoy nature and the environment. But, also, take that fall picture with the pumpkin you both picked to save in your memories.

3. Baking, movies, and decorating

This may take a little convincing of your significant other, but I find it to be the best way to get into the spirit of fall. Imagine the smell of pumpkin spice muffins, cookies, and bread, your favorite scary movie (or It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown) on in the background, and the hanging of bright orange lights and cobwebs. It’s cute, and maybe a little corny. Admit it, corny can be fun sometimes. You should expect nothing less from a corny writer such as myself.

4. North Florida Fair

The North Florida Fair won’t be in town until after Halloween, but it will still be fall–and hopefully not as hot so you can actually enjoy it. A fair is a perfect date for you and your significant other to go out and joke around and have fun. Maybe even sneak a kiss on the Ferris Wheel for that movie-worthy moment. Win them a prize and play those rigged games on the side. Do all the stereotypical fair stuff and wrap it all up with a funnel cake. A fair is really the best way to celebrate the season for all ages.

5. Picnic in the park

I know, this is starting to sound a lot like a romantic comedy, but trust me, you want to celebrate fall to the fullest. It won’t be long before winter is upon us and we can’t go outside without three shirts, two pairs of pants, and a hot coffee. Autumn is the perfect season for all of those outdoor activities that are too hot for summer and too cold for winter. Having a picnic in cascades park, enjoying the water, and watching the leaves change (even just a shade), is a really relaxing feeling and a great way to get away from busy days.

6. Carving Pumpkins

You didn’t attend the pumpkin patch just so you could watch the pumpkins you bought rot on your counter until the end of October. Get that second date by asking them to carve the pumpkin with you. It’ll be a more laid-back kind of day to get your hands dirty and laugh at each other and your lack of art skills when it comes to the jack-o-lanterns you made. Pro tip: save the seeds–separated from the stringy pumpkin guts–and put them in a pan with some salt and butter for homemade pumpkin seeds. Forget pumpkin pie, this is the real part of the pumpkin we want.

7. Terror of Tallahassee

No amount of convincing can get me to step into a haunted house anytime soon. However, for all of the couples who love a good scare and actually enjoy the feeling of panic, this one’s for you. Or, if it’s early in the relationship, this could be a test to see how you both handle being scared together. Will one comfort the other? Will you both be scared? Only one way to find out. This is a haunted house that opens every October in Tallahassee. Tickets do get more expensive as the time passes, starting at $10 per adult online; if you buy them at the door, they are significantly more expensive. Just for you all, I did endure watching the video they offer as a preview, and it seemed like the perfect haunted house, just scary enough to make you rethink entering.

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8. Fire and S’mores

Alright, so it is still a little hot for this right now, but I would personally sweat it out just for the s’mores. They are the perfect snack for those of you with a sweet tooth. Plus, gathering around a fire is great for larger groups of friends or double dates. Make a get-together out of it. A bonfire is more fun when there’s a lot of people. S’mores make the best snack for all of the people in attendance. Plus, s’mores really are a fall food essential. This might sound a little strange but they are fire’s best friend, I mean honestly, it’s not easy to get that golden brown in the microwave.

9. Coffee and pumpkin spice confections

As I write this, I am drinking a coffee with pumpkin spice creamer. However, I do realize not everyone is as basic as I am and they actually detest pumpkin spice, which is all well and good. I mean there are still cinnamon and maple flavored items as well. If neither of those is your taste either, then you must be the grinch of Halloween. Just kidding. However, coffee dates are still a good way to get together and enjoy the cool weather. Plus, a good friend once told me that coffee dates are for those who aren’t sure if they like the person enough to go to dinner yet.

10.  Attend a costume party

I know we aren’t kids anymore, but this is Tallahassee and we have no shortage of parties–especially in October. If anything, costume parties are our specialty. Besides, we all know we want to do that cliché thing where we get to dress in couples costumes, like Princess Jasmine and Aladdin or Bonnie and Clyde. Also, it’s just a really fun way to enjoy going out as a couple and being laid back compared to dinner or a one-on-one date night.

While I have exhausted all of the cliches and romantic comedies in this article, I hope I have given you some inspiration for fall-themed date ideas this October. Don’t be afraid to be a cliché during these times, they come once a year and you don’t get them back. If you have any other ideas you’d like to recommend, I would love to hear them in the comments below.

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