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10 Fall Cupcake Recipes You’ll Want To Be Baking

The fall is a great time to experiment with new hobbies and crafts, and baking is no exception. It’s so much fun to try out new baking recipes, especially to make things you can share with your friends and family. With that being said, here are 10 different fall cupcake recipes you’ll want to try baking this season for when you don’t want to leaf your kitchen.

1. Pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese frosting

We can’t start off any fall food recipe list without a mention of pumpkin, the most iconic of autumnal produce. Try spicing up a normal cupcake recipe by adding pumpkin pie spice (a mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice. ginger, and cloves) and pumpkin purée to the mix. This creation is sure to give you and your social media feed a gorgeous fall aesthetic!

2. Maple walnut cupcake

Maple is another one of those quintessential fall flavors, and the sweetness makes it perfect for cupcakes. You can make these several ways, but if you don’t want a super sweet cake base, try making the base with cinnamon and chopped walnuts stirred in and leaving the sweet maple flavor for the frosting with some maple buttercream. Garnish with a candied walnut for a pretty sight to match.

3. Joker themed cupcake

In honor of the new “Joker” movie premiering this fall (October 4, to be precise), make some Joker-themed cupcakes. Pick your favorite flavor and decorate them in purple and green, or try recreating his grotesque red lipstick smile on top of white frosting. Be sure to eat these while cackling loudly, as one does.

4. Leaf cupcake

As with the Joker cupcakes, you can make the leaf cupcakes any flavor you want, but to give them a special fall flare, add a leaf to the top. It could be frosting in the shape of a leaf or a candy leaf, but either way, adding some foliage makes these cupcakes very fall-appropriate. For even more autumn vibes, sprinkle cinnamon on top and make the leaves varying shades of red and yellow.

5. Salted caramel cupcake

Another classic fall flavor, salted caramel is a perfect blend of sweet and salty. For this treat, try drizzling caramel sauce on top of the cupcake and frosting and you’ll have a confection that’s sure to please.

6. Turkey cupcake

This isn’t to say that you should make a cupcake out of turkey, merely that you should make turkey-themed cupcakes in honor of Thanksgiving! Aren’t they absolutely adorable?

7. Pecan pie cupcake

If you love the flavor of pecan pie, then this is the cupcake for you. It’s got pecan pie filling in the middle for a gooey surprise and is topped with a whole pecan. For added sugar, make it a candied pecan. Yum!

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8. Caramel apple cupcake

A fun twist on the typical fall caramel apple treat, caramel apple cupcakes have all of the flavor with a lot less mess. Chunks of apple mixed throughout the batter give a delicious surprise texture to the treat.

9. Candy corn cupcake

This is deceptively easy. Simply split your batter in half and make one half yellow and the other orange. Layer the orange batter on top of the yellow, and once it’s done baking, add white frosting and a candy corn on top.

10. Cranberry vanilla cupcake

Add some cranberry pieces to vanilla cupcake batter, top with frosting, and garnish with a sugar coated cranberry for a simple, yet delicious, cupcake. Plus, it’s so perfect for a minimalistic Instagram post.

What are your go-to fall cupcake flavors? Leave a comment below!

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