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12 Fall Cinnamon Recipes You Won’t Regret Making This Year

With fall right around the corner, you’ll be wanting to find some tasty recipes to utilize the most delicious fall spice! Although it’s a tasty, sugar-like spice, cinnamon actually has some great health benefits! For thousands of years, cinnamon has been hailed as a spice with medicinal properties and, of course, great taste. It has lots of antioxidants in it which help protect your body from “oxidative damage caused by free radicals,” according to Heathline. Cinnamon also has anti-inflammatory properties and may improve key risk factors for heart disease, including cholesterol and blood pressure. It can lower blood sugar levels and, thus, have a strong anti-diabetic effect! Check out more information on the benefits of cinnamon here! After reading all this, how could you not be wanting any and all cinnamon recipes out there! Here are 12 fall cinnamon recipes you won’t regret making this year.

1. Cinnamon Rolls

Perhaps one of the best known cinnamon recipes is cinnamon rolls. This recipe by Serious Eats gives you some delicious, homemade cinnamon rolls! This recipe does require a bit more work as well as ingredients than, say, some frozen, pre-made dough. But, it will definitely be worth it. After preparing the dough you’ll need to place it in a bowl, cover it with plastic, and allow it to rise until it’s puffy, light, and doubled in bulk (which usually takes about 90 minutes at 70°F in the oven). You’ll then shape the dough with flour and roll it into a square. After you’ve formed a square, lather on the cinnamon filling and then roll it into a dough log! Then, using either unflavored dental floss (you don’t want minty cinnamon rolls) or butcher’s twine, you’ll cut the dough log and arrange the cinnamon roll swirls into a baking pan!

2. Apple-Cinnamon Toaster Strudels

If you’ve ever wanted to make those Pillsbury toaster strudels at home, then here’s the recipe for you! With this Kitchn recipe, you can make some delicious, apple-cinnamon toaster strudels right at home in under an hour. The recipe seems complicated, but just take it slow and read the directions carefully. Anyone can make this delicious, cinnamon treat! This tasty recipe is an easy addition to your go-to cinnamon recipes when you want a tasty, cinnamon snack!

3. Cinnamon-Apple Baked Oatmeal

This is one of the easier cinnamon recipes, as it only requires a few easy steps! To make this cinnamon-apple baked oatmeal recipe you’ll need some Granny Smith apples, rolled oats, walnuts, light brown sugar, salt, an egg, milk, unsalted butter, and, of course, cinnamon. The first thing you’ll do after preparing the ingredients according to the recipe is going to be baking the apples for about 20 minutes. This ensures they’re fully cooked when you cook them into your oatmeal! It should take you about an hour to prepare and cook this delicious cinnamon-apple oatmeal recipe, and even less time to devour it!

4. Cinnamon French Toast Casserole

Cinnamon recipes are a great boost to any brunch menu item, especially when it’s a french toast casserole! This recipe takes a slightly different twist on a standard French toast, and leaves you with a delicious breakfast, brunch, or whatever meal you want. A key part of this recipe is the diced pancetta, which is essentially a slightly sweeter bacon that is mixed into the dish to give it savory and salty flavors.

5. Coffee Cake Muffins

This recipe takes one of the more classic cinnamon recipes of coffee cake but makes the serving process way easier! These muffins are perfect to bring to a brunch or potluck because of how simple they are to serve! You can also personalize the recipe if you wish to make a certain amount of muffins. Everyone will be drooling over these cinnamon goodies! 

6. Homemade Almond Butter with Honey & Cinnamon

Unlike the other pastry-like cinnamon recipes here, this recipe is for homemade almond butter with honey & cinnamon! You will probably need a food processor for this to blend up the nuts into the right consistency. But, if you don’t have a food processor, you can give it a try with your blender! You can also experiment with this recipe by using whichever nuts you prefer. If you’d rather do half pistachios and half almonds, then go for it!

7. Cinnamon-Raisin Puff Pastry Waffle

If you’ve got a waffle iron, then you don’t want to skip out on this recipe for cinnamon-raisin puff pastry waffles! It also utilizes the tasty combination of cinnamon and raisins to make your waffles even more delicious. It should only take you about 15 minutes to prepare and cook up these tasty waffles. After trying these, we’re positive this recipe will go right onto your list of go-to cinnamon recipes!

8. Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Bread

Another one of the cinnamon recipes that utilize combining cinnamon and raisins, this recipe for cinnamon-raisin swirl bread is delicious and relatively easy. That being said, it helps if you know the process and time that it takes to make homemade bread. If you already have that process under your belt, the rest of the recipe is just about making the cinnamon and white sugar filling that gives this bread its delicious swirl!

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9. Coffee-Cinnamon Horchata

This recipe makes a delicious, homemade Mexican-style horchata made from rice, almonds, dark-roast coffee beans, and cinnamon! Unfortunately, a drink this good takes a bit of time to make, as you’ll need to let the beginner mixture soak overnight before you can finish it up. But in the end, you’ll have a delicious drink that should last about a week in the fridge, though it’s likely to be all gone long before then!

10. Ginger Cinnamon Caramels

The great part about cinnamon recipes, and cinnamon in general, is that it can be enjoyed at any time during the day, especially during dessert! This recipe makes tasty ginger cinnamon caramels that make for a tasty after-dinner treat! You’ll need heavy cream, sugar, light corn syrup, water, unsalted butter, ginger extract, salt, and cinnamon. Unfortunately, this is another one of the delicious cinnamon recipes that has to be enjoyed the next day. You’ll need to let the caramels harden in the fridge overnight before devouring them.

11. Monkey Bread

Monkey bread is an essential cinnamon recipe that you won’t regret making. This recipe also takes a bit of time, as you’ll need to let your dough rise for about an hour early on in the process. But in the end, you’ll have an absolutely delicious cinnamon dessert that you’ll want to devour all by yourself! You’ll also want to add this recipe to your list of favorite cinnamon recipes, as you’ll probably want to remake it over and over again.

12. Apple & Cinnamon Infused Bourbon

The last of the cinnamon recipes on this list is a bit different from the others. In this recipe, you’ll be making an apple & cinnamon-infused bourbon! Of course, if you’re underage, you should enjoy the other tasty cinnamon recipes found above. This recipe is really easy to follow. You just need to core and slice your apples, then add them with cinnamon sticks to a big mason jar with a tight-fitting lid. Pour in your bourbon and let the flavors from the apples and cinnamon sticks infuse into the bourbon for about two weeks. The longer you wait, the more flavorful the bourbon will become! Then, strain out the apples and cinnamon sticks and enjoy your delicious, apple & cinnamon-infused bourbon!

What are your favorite cinnamon recipes for fall? Share them in the comments below!

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