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10 Fall Candy Recipes To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

If the candy man can then so can you. With the fall coming up it is almost time to break out those old family recipes. However, if you are trying to think of something new, here are our 10 fall candy recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth!

1. Candy Acorns

A delicious cute fall candy recipe that looks like an acorn. If you are looking for a simple recipe then check out the delicious candy acorns. There are only three or four ingredients in this recipe. 

2. Homemade Butterfingers

Oooo spooky skeletons walking around and crunchy yummy butterfingers in your tummy. If you like butterfingers then this is a great recipe for you. It is pretty simple to make and your friends will love it. Be careful however with the melting chocolate. 

3. Ginger Caramels

Are you looking for a more healthy option? Even though candy is never going to be healthy these ginger caramels are pretty close. With natural ingredients that satisfy that sweet tooth. How could you g wrong?

4. Copycat Mallomars

These are a delicious ode to the past recipe. They take a little time to get the hang of but if you have time then they will make everyone jealous of your skills. With yummy marshmallows and chocolate, how could you go wrong?

5. Ten Minute Microwave Caramels

These are super fast but be careful they get stuck in your teeth. This candy recipe is delicious on so many levels and makes me jealous of the person who created this one of these fun fall candy recipes. So grab your candy skills and try this recipe out as soon as possible.

6. Butterfingers Puppy chow

Puppy chow is always a crowd-pleaser with sugar in every bite. This is a candy, and also so many other things. If you give these to a friend no one would be upset and would actually be sad when it was gone. This recipe is also known as muddy buddies if you have ever heard of that.

7. Bugle Muddy Buddies

If you like muddy buddies (see above) then you will love this new rendition. Bugle muddy buddies are delicious and also pretty easy to make. They are a candy that everyone is sure to love especially this fall. 

8. Choco Clusters

Have you ever heard of everything but the kitchen sink Sundays? This is basically the same thing but a sandy version. Think of putting everything you love of candy in one cluster and melt it together. Super delicious and you will for sure think it is the next best thing. 

See Also

Don’t be afraid to really experiment here and get your top favorites clustered together. You never know which combination might go together best.

9. Rolo Pretzel Treats

IF you only have a few minutes to make a candy treat then this is the recipe for you. It usually takes about 10 minutes max to finish these gorgeous little drops of heaven. Watch out though they are super addicting. 

10. Fall Party Mix

When the fall season is here it can be hard to just choose one item of candy. So why should you have to choose? A fall party mix is just mixing the best of fall candy with pretzels and not having to deice which one is best. Mix in whatever you love the most.

No matter what item of candy you love the most, fall is a great season to try tons of new fall candy recipes. With the endless traditions, finding a new candy recipe could be your way of showing who you are.

Did you like any of our fall candy recipes? If you did leave us a comment below on which one if your favorite!

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