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Fall Activities You Can Try With Your Roommates

Fall Activities You Can Try With Your Roommates

Whether you’ve been best friends since day 1 or you met when you signed the lease, the relationship you have with your roommates is a special one.

Things can get tense when it comes to things like rent, who-left-who’s-dishes-in-the-sink-again, and general life issues, so trying to find times to actually bond and have fun with your roommates can be key.

Here are some fun fall activities you can try with your roommates to help.

Haunted House

As the spooky season is upon us, finding a haunted house to go to can be a great way to bond with your roommates for two reasons: (1) Nobody actually wants to go to one of these alone, and (2) going through a scary (or even somewhat silly) experience is bound to bond you guys together! …Don’t actually explore an abandoned house without permission, though. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, tetanus is nothing to sneeze at.

Fall Activities You Can Try With Your Roommates


This might be more of a regional activity in parts of the U.S. (in much the same way the ceilidh or ceili is in Scotland or Ireland) but a hoedown can be a ridiculously fun thing. If you’ve never been to one, never fear. If you go to a real hoedown, whether it’s in a barn or a bar, there will be a caller, someone who will call the shots and tell you exactly what you should be doing. There should be a portion of the dance where they teach you how to do each specific dance, and then things speed up. It’s okay if you mess up a little! Laughing with your roommates over your two left feet is half the fun.

Fall Activities You Can Try With Your Roommates

Scary Movie Marathon

Whether you go to your local movie theater, a special open-night event nearby, or curl up in your apartment, scary movie marathons are a great way to have fun with your roommates. If you’re not a big horror fan, that’s fine! There are plenty of fun kids Halloween movies to bring on the nostalgia factor, true crime documentaries (which, really, could scare you more sometimes), or YouTube shows like BuzzFeed Unsolved. Whatever you watch, just make sure there’s plenty of popcorn.

Fall Activities You Can Try With Your Roommates

Bake a Pie

What dessert says fall more than pie? It doesn’t matter if you’ve never baked anything outside a boxed cake before, learning how to bake with friends is always more fun. You can always get pre-made crusts and such ahead of time if you want to, or you can pretend you’re on an episode of the Great British Bake Off like the Try Guys did here and give it a shot (though I recommend doing it with a recipe). If you’re not a big dessert pie person, that’s okay. Two words: Pot Pie. I’m hungry already.

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Fall Activities You Can Try With Your Roommates

Candle Shopping

You might say I’m scent-sitive, but I love candles (and bad puns) and autumn candles are some of the best out there. Even if you’re not allowed to officially light any in your apartment or dorm (…rude), they can still do a lot to make your room smell great. Take a little trip with your roommates and take some time to smell the candles. With scents like apple, pumpkin pie, and firewood, I promise you’ll thank me later.

Fall Activities You Can Try With Your Roommates

Latte Time

Whether you’re a London Fog kinda gal, a Pumpkin Spiced boy, or a Salted Caramel pal, fall hot beverages are where it’s at. Getting some with (or even for) your roommates is a great way to gather together and enjoy something, no matter how busy life is. Taking breaks from classes and work to chat is valuable, but your presence, even just hanging out with another person while you both get sh!t done when your roommates are busy can be just as sweet.

Fall Activities You Can Try With Your Roommates

Have you tried any of these fall activities with your roommates before? What are some of your favorite fall activities? Let us know in the comments down below!

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