Fake IDs: Are They Worth The Risk?

It seems as though fake IDs have become a mandatory item on every freshman college student’s packing list. If you’re a soon-to-be collegiate like me, you might find yourself frequently pondering whether or not you want to invest in a fake this summer (that is unless you don’t have one already). I get it. There is a legit appeal to owning a fake ID. Your friends have them, ostentatiously show them off, and continually offer to hook you up with someone to get one. They are relatively cheap (most run from $100-$150 for two). In addition, they can give you access to alcohol and bars, something that many college students look forward to during their four years. With that in mind, there are several risks for owning a fake ID.


1. Fake IDs are illegal.

There’s no possible way of getting around that statement. The information on all fake IDs, if you’re under 21, is false, because you’re lying about your age. Keeping something illegal in your wallet sets you up for potential consequences that could get you into a position you don’t want to be in.

2. If you get caught, your ID will be confiscated.

Sure, you might have a backup, but two is better than one. Remember that not all fakes scan!


3. If you get caught, you might wind up in trouble with your school and/or the law.

The less amount of trouble you get in, the better off you are. If you have a fake in your wallet, chances are you’ll always worry if it’s there or not.

4. Your friends will want to borrow your fake ID.

Whether or not you look like them, this could get annoying and increases the risk of your fake getting taken or lost.

5. A fake ID will seriously piss of your parents.

Your parents should want you to wait until you’re legally 21 to purchase alcohol, and would prefer it if you didn’t carry a fake ID with you all the time. Drinking at a party is much different than going to a liquor store and buying handles that will only last for the weekend.

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Take my advice and don’t invest in a fake ID for your freshman year. You should be excited to meet new people, focus on your schoolwork, settle into your routines, battle the first couple months of homesickness, and soak in the experiences of your first year at college. As freshmen on a college campus, there will be plenty of opportunities to go to parties and drink. There will also be plenty of other freshmen who have fake IDs who could purchase alcohol for you or your friends. And you will most likely befriend upperclassmen who might be nice enough to buy you alcohol. Save yourself the risk and utilize other people who have decided to take the risk.


If you’re like me and haven’t gotten drunk before, or don’t have much interest in spending your weekend nights going out, then you don’t have the burden of getting and taking care of a fake. You can also study abroad in places like Europe and Asia where you can drink legally. I know I’m looking forward to my glass of wine with dinner every here and there next year when I’m in Florence.


Wait four more years to buy alcohol and go to bars legally. Your 21st birthday will come faster than you think. So save yourself the one hundred bucks this summer, and use it for some dorm decor, new additions to your college wardrobe, or a road trip with your friends. Fake IDs might seem convenient to have for your freshman year in college, but they’re certainly not worth the risk.

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