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Fake Flowers: A Trendy Way To Liven Up Your Dorm

Fake flowers are the solution to decorating your dorm room! Real plants and flowers are always a great decor idea to brighten up your room, but it is hardly possible to keep them alive as it is! Let alone, while being stressed about your classes! Imagine trying to keep plants alive on top of a busy schedule! With these unique ideas, you can turn those bland walls into a luscious wonderland using fake flowers and a little creativity!

Window Flower Box

I have always adored the look of flower boxes placed outside windows. Yet, that aesthetic is hard to achieve in a college dorm unless you get creative! There is no rule saying that window flower boxes can’t be inside the window! Think outside the box with this artsy DIY!

Go and pick up some fake flowers in the perfect color and style from your local Walmart or craft store. An old cardboard box or even a store-bought wooden crate can be used as a stylish new home for your plants! With a few adjustments here and there, you’ll quickly dress up those boring dorm room windows!

Ivy Framed Windows

Similar to the fake flower window box, a few strings of fake ivy and a couple of flowers scattered about will add the perfect amount of flare! I got this idea when I first moved into my dorm and just couldn’t bear the sight of those prison-like windows!

Simply string the fake vines up using thumb tacks or tape to frame the window. For an extra touch, you can add fake flowers of your choice for some pops of color! Within minutes, it will be like you’ve put a portal to paradise right in your dorm room!

Hanging Vines

Do you still feel like your room is missing something even though you’ve decorated every inch of it? I know the feeling and I can tell you exactly what you need! Just look up and you’ll see that there’s so much more space for fun decor on your ceiling, like some hanging vines for example!

This is such a quick and easy idea but it will change the way your room looks tremendously! You’ll need a bunch of fake ivy or vines, and maybe even a few fake flowers if you’re feeling extra expressive!

There’s a variety of ways you can hang them up, such as hooks screwed into the ceiling or thumbtacks attached at the tops of your wall. The key is to make sure they aren’t strung too tightly! To get the best effect, they should hang loosely in multiple different directions! 

Flower Tapestry

Everyone knows that no dorm room is complete without a tapestry hanging on the wall! They fill up the space and tie everything together. A tapestry made out of fake flowers is no different! You just have to get creative to make it happen! The great thing about this idea is that you can customize it to your needs! 

All you should need is a wooden stick or something to act as a beam, some string or yarn, and fake flowers! The best kind to use are flowers with long stems so you can tie the stems to the beam. You can add as many or as few fake flowers as you like to make the tapestry fit perfectly into your room!

After you’re satisfied with how the flowers look, tie some string or yarn to either end of the beam so you can hang your new tapestry up! When it’s all put together, stand back to admire your beautiful creation! This use of fake flowers is guaranteed to get people talking about how artistic you are!

Fake Flower Bouquet

A well-arranged flower bouquet is the centerpiece of every room. The sad thing is, they don’t last forever. But fake flowers do, and they still look as good as the real thing! 

Have some fun picking out your favorite faux flowers that will liven up your dorm room! To complete the arrangement, find an old jar to upcycle or grab a unique glass vase at your local thrift store. The combination of the fake flowers with the glass vase will become your newest art piece that will last a lifetime!

This idea doesn’t have to be limited to decorating your dorm, but can also be a nice gift for a friend! 

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Wall Mounted Flowers

Feel free to take some creative liberties with this next idea! Fake flowers look great as a bouquet, but they can also be stunning on their own! A pastel tulip or vibrant red rose is the missing piece you need to tie your room together!

Grab some thumb tacks or small nails and choose an empty space on your wall! Just one flower will do, but why stop there! Fill up every inch of blank space with beautiful fake flowers to transform your room from drab to fab!

If you want to take this idea up a notch, you can buy some wall mounts that are specifically meant for flowers! There are so many different options to choose from! They don’t have to be limited to holding real flowers when fake flowers have just as much pizzazz!

Flower Mirror

Mirrors are essential items in every dorm room! They deserve to be as beautiful as the person looking into them! With this simple project, you won’t be the only one playing dress-up!

Some dorms come equipped with mirrors mounted on the wall already. If that is your situation then use some adhesive putty to arrange the fake flowers in a design of your choosing! It will add some much-needed flair to those basic mirrors! The best part is you can remove the flowers with ease when you move out and use them again for your next DIY!

If you bought your own mirror but still think it’s missing something, this idea is perfect for you! Get your hands on a glue gun and the best fake flowers you can find! Since this will stay with you forever, have some fun trying out different designs with the flowers! They can be used as an accent on the corners or cover the entire border of the mirror to make something everyone will compliment!

Are you as obsessed with these fake flower decor ideas as we are? Maybe you have some different ideas to share! We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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