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8 Fairy Lights You Just HAVE To Buy

8 Fairy Lights You Just HAVE To Buy

Fairy Lights are a staple part of the decor of any bedroom. Period. Not only do they provide great mood lighting, they add so much more to the levels of decoration in your room, as well as just being really pretty. But with fairy lights being so popular nowadays, it’s hard to get a really nice set that’s more individual, without being ripped off. So we’ve compiled a list of our top 8 fave fairy lights atm. 

1. Waterfall Curtain Fairy Lights

These twinkly waterfall fairy lights are actually a great addition to any household space (including the garden), but add a truly beautiful effect to your bedroom space. The long strings of bright LED lights fall down your wall in a curtain formation, and can be battery powered, remote control, or linked to a light switch. The best place to get these is probably Amazon where you can find great deals and cheaper prices.

*8 Fairy Lights You Just HAVE To Buy

2. Light bulb Fairy Lights

These slightly more modern-looking fairy lights have the advantage of being less small and delicate, and so add a more obvious addition to your decor. If you’re not into the pretty look, these give your room a more industrial, urban feel.

*8 Fairy Lights You Just HAVE To Buy

3. Star-shaped Fairy Lights

These adorable star-shaped LED lights are giving us huge throwback vibes- they’re just like those glow in the dark stars you stuck on your ceiling as a kid, but more bougie. They’re just as pretty as classically shaped fairy lights, but their more unusual shape gives your decor that extra edge.

*8 Fairy Lights You Just HAVE To Buy

4. Rose Fairy Lights

These super-soft rose shaped fairy lights help give your room that elegant touch, a pretty, natural feel if you’re going for that romantic vibe.

*8 Fairy Lights You Just HAVE To Buy

5. Copper Firefly Fairy Lights

These fairy lights may have smaller bulbs, but not only does this give you more scope to twist the wire into the exact shape you want, it’s actually the smaller size that gives them the sparkle we love so much!

*8 Fairy Lights You Just HAVE To Buy

6. Moroccan-style Fairy Lights

These exotic metal cut out lights serve the dual purpose of being just as lovely when they’re not turned on, and casting beautiful patterns on your wall when they are; giving your living space a wonderfully exotic feel.

*8 Fairy Lights You Just HAVE To Buy

7. Fairy Lights In a Jar

Now this is one of the trends that’s more of a DIY project that a purchase, but that doesn’t make it any less aesthetically pleasing. You can of course buy the lights in a jar, but it’s almost as easy (and normally cheaper) to buy your string of LED lights and jar separately, and create this shining piece of decor yourself. 

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8. Lantern Fairy Lights

These crisp white lanterns are another type of fairy light that make great decorations for both day and night time, and they are great outdoors too, frequently used for spicing up your garden decor!

*8 Fairy Lights You Just HAVE To Buy

9. Fun Shaped Fairy Lights

Now these may not have the same level of sophistication as some of the other styles on here, but having different-shaped fairy lights is such a fun way to brighten up your room. You can get all sorts too: cacti, diamonds, sunflowers; and these funky pineapple ones you can see in the picture below:

*8 Fairy Lights You Just HAVE To Buy

10. LED Letter Light Box Fairy Lights

We all love writing messages on LED light boxes, but the fairy light version might be even better. The wide selection of plastic letters means you and your mates can have fun lighting up your room with whatever message you want!

LED Letter Lightbox Fairy Lights

Which Fairy Lights are your favourite from our top ten? Let us know in the comments below!

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