10 Facts You Probably Were Never Told But Should Know About Your Vagina

The Bermuda Triangle. The Snatch. The Pussycat. (Or in my case the magic counch). Whatever you call it if you have one or want one,  you must know what’s going on with the vagina. Even though it is 2019, I and other women feel as though we know BARELY  ANYTHING  about what is going on with our gnomes (That’s what I used to call it because it was like a mythical being to me). Well, since the education system has been lacking in this department, it is up to us to educate each other, ask questions and have a LONG overdue conversation with our vaginas. Here I have compiled a few facts that are key to unveiling the mystery and revealing the power of the vagina.

1. The vagina is a self -cleaning organism

 Skip the cleaning fads. The douches and the washes for your vagina every day. Your vagina is a self-cleaning organism and vaginal discharge is necessary for this process! I used to have an INSANE  amount of discharge when I was younger and I thought was something wrong with me. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone for fear of judgment. But now I am older and do not have to give many facks anymore, I asked my close friends. It turns out many of my friends also experience this! It is okay! Our vaginas are just doing their jobs. REALLY WELL. The healthy bacteria in there helps produce lactic acid. This vaginal ecosystem helps protect you against STDs. My neck, my back, the vagina ATTACKS, bad bacteria.

2. The clitoris contains 8,000 very sensitive nerve endings

 That is higher concertation of nerve fibers found anywhere else in the male or female body! It also twice the amount of the nerve endings in the penis! Go ahead and give and dittle your skittle. You will have zero regrets.  The vagina all the good vibrations.


10 things you should know about your vagina but were never told

3. Vaginas are also strong enough to clamp down on penises

This lovely trick is known as penis captivus. It is a super rare occurrence but it can occur during sexual intercourse. It happens when the muscles of the vagina clamp down on the penis. These muscles are so strong that the penis is unable to withdraw from the vagina. That is one way to get you a mate.

4. It lifts

Bad joke. But honestly, the vagina is pretty SWOL. It is lined with muscular ridges to give it this strength. First, the vagina can stretch to great lengths that would make Elastigirl from the Incredibles jealous. It expands during intercourse but the great stretch is during childbirth. The muscles expand up to 200% during this time. Also, the vagina can hold its weight. “Intimacy coach” Kim Amami has been known to lift objects from jade eggs to a surfboard using nothing but her good ol’ vagina. She teaches vagina kung fu classes to help women develop strength in their vaginal walls. She claims this type of puh training gives vaginas youth.

5. And they flex 

The vagina is surrounded by muscles that we can flex and strengthen. When you flex those muscles, that is known as a kegel and I am doing them as I type this. You know why?! Because I can! Do it! Also, you can use Ben Wa Balls and yoni eggs to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles that are around your vaginal canal. What will this do for us?! Well strengthening these muscles will lead to more intense contractions during orgasm. WOW WEE. If you want to learn how to kegel like a champ, here ya go. Happy flexin. 


10 Facts You Probably Were Never Told But Should Know About Your Vagina

6. It traps scent to attract a mate

 No two vaginas smell like. The sweat glands in the pubic area release chemical substances known as pheromones. Humans have been using pheromones to attract each other for centuries and pubic hair keeps them near you so you smell uniquely like you. It was love at first smell. 

7. It can make Elastigirl Jealous 

I mean cmon, a WHOLE ASS human being comes out of the vagina. How is that even possible?! Vaginas can stretch THREE TIMES its original size to accomplish this ungodly feat. For all, you visual learners out there (holla) the average diameter of a vagina is 3 cm. The average size of an infant’s head is 10 cm. PICTURES THAT.  Besides, the vagina can increase its length by FIFTY PERCENT. It lengthens (gets deeper) during arousal when about to have to get into some sexual shenanigans from seven-eight cm to ten-eleven cm. NOW BOW DOWN TO THE VAGINA.  

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10 Things You Should Know But Were Never Told About Your Vagina

8. It’s impossible to lose anything in your vagina.

 Despite all of the stories you have seen on the news or all the episodes of Orange Is the New Black you have watched, it is not possible to lose anything in there! The opening of the uterus is too small for anything to go through it. By the time puberty is over the vagina is the average length of the vagina is about 7.6 cm, the width is about 4.5 cm and the average thickness is about 3.0 cm. So things may get stuck in the vagina, but it will not be lost forever.


9. 1 in 4 women can’t get a vaginal orgasm

 Don’t fear! You are not alone! With all of the nerve endings, clitoral stimulation during intercourse can increase your chances of having an orgasm. Going back to the clitoris having EIGHT THOUSAND nerve endings, that is a much higher chance to achieve an orgasm from all of that stimulation. That is actually how many women achieve orgasm (including myself). Until recently, women’s sexuality has been a taboo topic. In personal experience, I was scared to talk about these issues for fear of being judged (yay society) but seeking help and advice from people you trust is nothing to be ashamed of! Also, there is nothing wrong with taking an adventure with your vagina to find out what gets you off! 

10. It does not pass gas

Ah yes, the mystical queef. It may sound like a fart, but sounds can be deceiving in this situation. Those puffs of air that come out of the vagina, are just simply that, little puffs of air. They are not farts that come out of our butts, because those are waste gases, which queefs are not. In RARE cases, vaginal farting can be caused by vaginal fistula which is an opening from the vagina to the colon, bladder or rectum. Other than that, the queef will not contain any gas, thus it is not a fart. 

I hope you learned something about your vagina! Let us all respect and admire this wonderful part of our bodies! 

Featured image credit: theirishtimes.com