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10 Facts About Orgasms That Will Make You Say WOW

10 Facts About Orgasms That Will Make You Say WOW

These facts about orgasms are shocking, weird, and all totally real. If you want to get know yourself, we highly recommend starting with a climax.

Most of us probably spend a good portion of our day thinking about sex. “I wonder what the mailman would look like naked.” “I think my Starbucks barista secretly wants me.” “What do I have to do to get Channing Tatum?” No matter how much we think about sex, there’s always more to learn! Especially when it comes to the big finale – orgasms. Here are 10 facts about orgasms that’ll make you scream and shout.

1. Distance Matters

The space between a woman’s clitoris and her vaginal opening can predict her likelihood of orgasming. The closer the two are, the more likely she is to cum. That’s because it’s closer to the action and gets more friction!

2. Orgasming ≠ Ejaculation

Despite what most people think, orgasming and ejaculation aren’t the same thing. Men can orgasm without ejaculating!

3. Women have wet dreams too

Although these are more commonly associated with men, women also experience nighttime orgasms. In fact, 37% of women say they’ve had one at least once!

4. Men can fake it too

Another orgasm stereotype is that only women can fake orgasms. That’s just untrue! 25% of men say they’ve faked it before.

5. Gesundheit!

Some people go into sneezing fits when they orgasm. Even rarer, some people sneeze by simply being sexually aroused. There would be no hiding your attraction to your hot teacher then!

6. The only reason to exercise

It’s possible to orgasm while working out. About 5% of people report cumming while working out and that number might even be low! It commonly happens when doing core work, which is where it gets the name “corgasm”. However, you can also orgasm from running or weightlifting. Catch me at the gym!

7. Ready, Set, CUM!

On average, it takes men four minutes to orgasm and women 10 to 20 minutes. So guys, be patient and remember its a marathon, not a sprint! This is one of the biggest facts about orgasms that the men out there need to keep in mind!

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8. Doctor’s Orders-

Orgasms boost your immune system by increasing white blood cells and endorphins. Maybe that’s why you always feel so good when you’re getting consistent sex… When it comes to facts about orgasms, this is probably the most crucial to know.

9. Confidence is key

If a woman feels insecure in her relationship, she is less likely to climax. I mean, obviously! If you’ve ever been with some A-hole who makes you feel bad about yourself, how could you ever bring yourself to orgasm?? That’s why it’s so important to be with a guy you likes you for you!

10. Never have I ever…

15-20% of American women have never orgasmed  (☉_☉). If any of you ladies are reading this and you’ve never orgasmed, please go buy a vibrator and spend some time getting to know yourself. You’ll thank me later.

What do you think about these facts about orgasms? Let us know in the comment section below!

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