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10 Facts About One Night Stands That You Need To Know ASAP

10 Facts About One Night Stands That You Need To Know ASAP

10 Facts About One Night Stands That You Need To Know ASAP

Before you give in to your temptation of having a one night stand with a complete stranger or a person you have just met and have no intentions of dating afterward, there are certain things that you should know about one night stands before heading towards them. These facts are true and tested so they will give you an idea of what you might be entering into!

1. One Night Stands Are Emotional

While they may seem completely opposite, our biological minds are supposed to integrate sex with emotions, especially in the case of women. You might enter the night with an intention of just having a casual encounter but your mind will definitely be attracted to the other person, even if just for some time. Read these reasons to learn how to not feel guilty about your one night stands.

2. You Might Feel Used After A One Night Stand

You might feel really good about the night but once the morning dawns, you will feel bad about the whole thing and wish that you did not use your body that way. One night stands are fun while they last but they leave you in shambles the next day.

3. You Can Stop Worrying About Your Body

The one thing that your partner in a one night stand does not care about is your unshaven legs or a lean body. All they need is sex and you do not have to be all prim and proper like you have to be for a date or for sex in a relationship.

4. Your Partner Might Run Away Quicker Than You Think

Chances are that the person you had a casual encounter with might not even stay for breakfast since the whole purpose of these encounters is to just have sex and then leave. You might wake up and find the other person gone for good.

5. The Sex Could Be The Greatest Or Completely Bad

Two individuals can let go of their inhibitions completely when they engage in a one night stand so it might be the hottest sex you have ever had or it might be completely opposite. Some people find having sex with a stranger very repulsive as they do not know anything about the other person’s body.

6. Some One Night Stand Might Lead To Relationships

Believe it or not, some one night stands actually lead to healthy relationships that last for years. More than 25% of one night stands lead to long-lasting relationships despite the fact that they started on an idea whose purpose was the exact opposite of a relationship.

7. Narcissist People Tend To Be More Attracted To One Night Stands

People who tend to obsess about themselves too much are more attracted towards these casual encounters than people who have a sense of humility. These people also tend to be more manipulative and tend to brag about their one night stands to other people.

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8. Casual Sex Is Linked To Depression

It might sound actually depressing but depression and one night stands have a close connection as people who have depressing thoughts tend to engage in casual sex to make themselves feel good about themselves.

9. Women With Broader Body Frames Are More Attracted To One Night Stands.

It is said that women with wider hips tend to have more one night stands as per the statistics of the hookup sites. They also attract more men and are known to have a higher libido. This is the reason why women with a particularly feminine physique with wider hips are considered more open to one night stands than for relationships.

10. You Can Blame Your DNA For The Casual Hook Up

Scientists have conducted studies on this fact and have said that people who have a particular gene in their DNA are more likely to engage in infidelity and casual sex than people who do not have that gene.

These are ten facts about one-night stands that tell us a lot more about these casual sexual encounters. One night stands are easy but they can take a toll on your emotions if you get too attached to the person so tread carefully. They are also a fun way to check sexual compatibility with a person and might lead to an actual relationship if you both click!

Have you started a relationship after a one night stand? let us know in the comments below!

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