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10 Face Mask Alternatives When You Can’t Find Them In Stores

10 Face Mask Alternatives When You Can’t Find Them In Stores

Face mask alternatives are now the latest thing to be concerned about. Since it was recommended to start wearing face masks in public to further prevent the spread of COVID-19, it’s no surprise that they would suddenly become scarce like many other supplies deemed “essential”. In order to protect ourselves, we need to get a little creative which is why these alternatives can help keep more people safe and healthy. 

1. Eye masks/blindfolds

Now seems like the perfect time to wear your eye masks in the morning. If you wear an eye mask to sleep at night, you can actually bring with you if you have to go out in public. As far as face mask alternatives go, an eye mask might be your safest bet. The size is perfect to cover both your nose and mouth while still allowing you to breathe. Just make sure if you do wear one as a face mask, that you don’t use the same one to sleep at night. You wouldn’t want the germs from your face getting into your eyes. 

2. Bandanas

Wearing bandanas made from a light breathable fabric make for another great face mask alternatives. By nature, they are pretty versatile in the ways they can be used. The best thing going for wearing a bandana in public is just how lightweight it is and secure once it is tied behind your head. Not to mention, they come in a variety of colors and patterns. This can make it easier so you don’t make the mistake of grabbing someone else’s face mask when going out. Also, make sure you wash them regularly to prevent the spread of germs.


3. T-shirts

This one might be the easiest choice if you are in need of face mask alternatives since it’s something you probably already have with you. By pulling up your T-shirt to cover both your nose and mouth, you can make sure you are keeping others safe. The only drawback to using this method is that it’s not very secure unless you wear a very fitted shirt. Otherwise, you might find yourself having to continue pulling up your shirt to cover your face. This can get annoying if you keep having to do so. Try thinking of this one as a last resort if you have limited options. 

4. Scarves

You just might be wearing a scarf anyway if winter still has a hold of where you live. While scarves keep our chest and neck protected in the cold, you can pull them up to also cover your nose and mouth. You will just need to wear a scarf that is made of a lighter fabric rather than a thick, wool scarf if you are using it as face mask alternatives. A lighter fabric will simply be more breathable. Once again, make sure you rotate the scarves you wear as masks to make sure the germs don’t collect in the fabric of the scarf. If the weather starts to get warmer, you can go with an even lighter scarf or simply choose another alternative. You wouldn’t want to worry about heat stroke on top of everything. 

5. Paper towel 

This one requires a little bit of DIY. Using one sheet of a paper towel, you can create your own face mask alternatives. Although paper towels were being heavily stocked up on, you should be able to spare one sheet. You will need to fold the sheet in half and fasten rubber bands on each side of the paper towel. You can fasten them by using a stapler to make sure the rubber bands are securely stuck. Once you have done this, your DIY face mask is ready to be worn. The fold makes sure there is an added layer of paper towel rather than just one flimsy sheet. These are meant to be disposable, so make sure you are not reusing the same one if you try this method. 


6. Balaclava/ski mask

While this might be better suited for colder climates, you can play it safe by just covering your entire face (except your eyes). Wearing a balaclava or ski mask, you are able to cover your entire face only leaving your eyes visible which is good for going out in public. The thermal fleece is also guaranteed to keep you warm so wear them with caution if you start to feel a little too hot for comfort. If you can opt for a detachable one that only covers the lower portion of your face, this might be the better face mask alternative.

7.  Face shield

If you want to make sure your face is still visible, you can always go with a disposable face shield. This is one of the face mask alternatives that are typically worn by dentists or while working on home improvement projects. Yet a shield like this prevents your face from coming into contact with germs and bacteria as well as unsuspecting debris. Plus, your face is still in a clear view although it might be kind of hard to hear you through the plastic. 

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8. Training mask 

If you are used to exercising while wearing a training mask, you might not want to pack it away just yet. Wearing one of these masks that are typically meant for high-intensity workouts could come in handy when going out in public. While they are designed to limit the amount of air you take in while breathing, you can still wear them if you are just going out to the grocery store. Although if you are going out for a run, you should probably still wear one. 

9. Baby bibs

You just might have to dig through old memories if you are in need of face mask alternatives. If you are able to borrow a baby bib from your parents or someone else’s parents, you could always use it as a mask. It works perfectly by being able to be quickly fastened to your head and covers both your nose and mouth. Feel free to get creative if you do end wearing a bib as a mask. 

10. Necktie

If you are used to wearing a tie to work, you might want to bring them back to use as a face mask. The size of a typical necktie is the perfect width to cover only your nose and mouth. The only tricky part is being able to tie it around your head. You might have to be creative with figuring out which knots work best, but desperate times call for desperate measures in this case.


What are you wearing as face mask alternatives? Let us know in the comments!

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