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15 Fabulous Hair Highlights Looks Perfect For Fall

Highlighting your hair can be a great way to change up your look and add some depth and life to your hair. Here are 15 fabulous hair highlights looks that are perfect for fall.

1. Face Framing Blonde

A few highlights of a really subtle blond around your face is a really chic look for fall. This is a great way to get subtle highlights and emphasize your face, without having to do extensive highlights. If you want to keep most of your hair your natural color, just highlighting the front and a few ends can be a really natural way to add some dimension.

2. Subtle Caramel Highlights

If you want a natural and subtle highlight look, adding some soft caramel in thin pieces is a great look for fall. If you have dark brown hair and don’t want a drastic change, this is a great way to add dimension to your hair and keep a sun-kissed glow into the fall. This look is super subtle and natural and is not high maintenance. The highlights should blend nicely with your natural color and give you an effortlessly beautiful look.

3. Sun-kissed Ends

Adding some subtle highlights to the end of your hair can be a great way to change up your look. With this look, it is super low maintenance, as your hair grows you won’t have to touch up the highlights until you cut your hair.

4. Golden Ombre

If you want to go with a much lighter look, a golden blonde ombre looks super chic. This is a great look if you want something really different, but don’t want to completely dye your hair. The ombre also grows out well because your natural color is still noticeable and part of the look.

5. Platinum Pieces

If you already have lighter hair, adding some platinum highlights is a great way to change your look. This will still look natural but make a statement. This is a really edgy way to change up your hair, and platinum looks best on people with cool tones.

6. Blonde Strands

If you want blonde highlights, you can go with larger pieces of hair to contrast with a darker natural color. This is great if you want to have lighter colored hair but not have to worry about your roots or constantly dying it.

7. Subtle Dark Blonde

Another really pretty look is hints of honey blonde highlights with light brown hair. This is a youthful and natural-looking look. It mimics the highlights light brown hair can naturally get with sun exposure. The subtle blond highlights will help you look perfectly sun-kissed all fall.

8. High Contrast Ombre

Super blonde highlights that slowly fade into your natural roots is a really popular look that many celebrities have tried. This is great if you don’t want to constantly dye your hair, but want a bold blonde look. With your natural roots and undertones showing, you don’t have to worry about going in for constant touch-ups but you still get to have a fun and chic blonde.

9. Beach Blonde

This beach-inspired blonde will look great in the fall. This natural and laid back vibe will make you look like you just got back from vacation. This is a great look if you have really long or curly hair as it will look effortless and cool. As winter approaches many people like to keep their hair dark, but a beach-inspired blonde always looks great.

10. Light Brown Highlights

If you want a really subtle look, adding some light brown highlights to dark hair is a super classic look. This will give your hair some dimension and shine and isn’t a drastic change. If you want to keep your dark hair, but feel the need to add something new, this is a really beautiful look to try. These highlights also blend easily with dark hair and will grow out easily and don’t require much effort to maintain.

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11. Golden Hints

If you are a brunette, hints of golden highlights are a beautiful way to make your hair look healthy and glowy. If you love your dark hair, some small gold highlights can add some dimension without making your hair too light or too blonde. Additionally, this look transitions between seasons easily. You can maintain some of your summer glow while keeping the darker tones people like for winter.

12. Blonde Ends

Highlighting the ends of your hair a honey blonde is a super chic look perfect for fall. This look is great for those with curly hair as it will highlight your natural curls and make an amazing statement. This is an effortless look that never goes out of style, and the warm tones are great for fall.

13. Bronze Tips

Rich bronze highlights look amazing with dark hair and are a unique look that not many people try. Bronze highlights are a great way to introduce some warm tones and dimension to your hair while still looking natural and sun-kissed. Typically when people do highlights they choose blonde or a lighter brown, but this bronze color is a great way to make a statement.

14. Bold Chunks of Carmel

These golden caramel highlights make a statement with their bold pieces. This is a great look for fall, as it is a warm tone and will add plenty of dimension. These highlights are also great for really dark hair or if you have light brown hair. This is another look that is really low maintenance and will grow out nicely. With these highlights, your look will transition effortlessly between seasons.

15. Auburn Highlights

Auburn highlights are perfect or fall, with their warm red color. If you want to really change your hair, but still want a natural-looking hair color, auburn highlights are a great look to try. The warm tones look great in the fall and is a unique look that will make a great statement. This look is unusual but really beautiful.

What do you think of these hair highlights for fall? Let us know in the comments!

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