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10 Eyeshadow Tips For Small Eyes

For those with smaller eyes, applying eye makeup can be quite frustrating. Sometimes, our eyeshadow doesn’t show up. Othertimes, drawing with eyeliner is exceptionally difficult. However, a small eye shape doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy makeup. Here are 10 eyeshadow tips for little eyes to make your eye makeup pop. With these tips, your eyes will look bigger and more pronounced.

1. Try white eyeliner

Although untraditional, white eyeliner is a bold makeup tool that works wonders if you have small eyes. Simply line the bottom of your eye along the waterline with a white eyeliner pencil and watch your eyes visibly brighten. If white eyeliner is too bright for the look you’re trying to achieve, you can opt for a different, flesh-colored eyeliner. A nude or peach eyeliner can be used for the same widening effect with a more muted, natural color. The eyeliner pencil ultimately neutralizes any redness in your eyeliner and pulls the white part of your eye down to make your eyes look bigger. Try to avoid black or darker eyeliner as it can make the eyes look even smaller. 


2. Conceal dark under eyes

Everybody works hard, and unfortunately, those long nights at the office or in the library results in those deep dark circles under your eyes. Those undereye circles only make your eyes look smaller. So, to counter this, cover your undereye circles completely as a part of your makeup routine. This helps all of your other eye makeup tricks be more effective. Simply use a full coverage concealer slightly lighter than your foundation shade under your eyes to cover those dark circles. Placing concealer in this area works to further enhance your eye shape. 

3. Curl your eyelashes

For those with smaller eye shapes, curling your eyelashes can widen your eye and make it more prominent. By curling your lashes, you lift them out of line to reveal more of your eye. Curly eyelashes are the key to bigger, more prominent eyes. You can even take it a step further to add mascara to your curled eyelashes. Apply to both the top and the bottom for dark, defined eyelashes.   Extra points if your mascara specializes in volume and lengthening of the eyelashes. Alternatively, you can use false lashes for a more dramatic look. You can try the typical lash strips or try applying individual false lashes. Apply the false lashes on top of your lash line. The longer your lashes, the better. 


4. Use an eyeshadow primer

Just like a regular primer, eyeshadow primer is an essential part of your makeup routine. If you’re opting to use eyeshadow to brighten and expand your eyes, you want to make sure that the eyeshadow can survive through the day. The eyeshadow primer smooths the lines of your eyes while also hydrating the skin. A little bit can go a long way! Blend the primer evenly onto your eyelid for long-lasting wear and bright, pigmented eyeshadow colors. 


5. Try lighter eyeshadow colors

If you have smaller eyes, lighter eyeshadow colors may be your best friend. Darker shadows may cause your eyes to look heavier and closed. Lighter eyeshadows will catch the light to help brighten and open your eyes. Shimmery or glittery eyeshadows work exceptionally well for this. If you’re going for a more straightforward eyeshadow look, try covering the whole eyelid in a shimmery eyeshadow of your choice. Beige or gold eyeshadows are the best option for this technique. 

6. Blend a darker color into your crease

After applying a lighter, shimmery color to the lid of your eyes, go in and use a darker matte color to the crease in your eye. This darker matte eyeshadow acts as a contour for your eye and adds definition to the area. Visually, it also stretches the eye. 


7. Use a darker shade underneath the eye as well

After applying a lighter color to your eyelid and a darker color into your crease, take that same dark color and blend it just underneath your eye as well. This will help stretch and elongate the shape of your eye even further. 

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8. Highlight the inner corner of your eye

After applying your darker makeup, take the same shimmery eyeshadow you used for your eyelid and apply it to the inner corner of your eye. The inner corner of your eye is essentially the v-shaped area around your tear duct. Again, this works to stretch and elongate the shape of your eye. You can try applying a light eyeshadow or a white or nude eyeliner. 


9. Try winged eyeliner

After applying your eyeshadow, take your favorite liquid eyeliner and define the rest of your eye. You can remain traditional and try a cat-eye, or winged liner look, or you can venture outside the box and try more unconventional eyeliner looks. Essentially, the eyeliner will go past the edge of your eye and into the side of your face. This, again, visually stretches the eye and makes it appear more prominent to others. Make sure your eyeliner is defined and opaque. 

10. Define your eyebrows

Your eyebrows essentially define the shape of your eyes. Shaping your eyebrows can help frame and define the shape of your eyes. Messy eyebrow hairs, especially along the bottom of the brow, make the eye appear more petite and do you a disservice. So, neat eyebrows are essential. If you choose, you can pluck the stray hairs in your eyebrows for a more uncluttered look. However, this is not necessary and can be painful to some. Alternatively, brush your eyebrows up and into their natural shape. Then, fill in your eyebrows with your choice of pencil, gel, pomade, or powder. Then, outline your eyebrows with your choice of concealer. This works to cover any stray hairs that may be outside the natural shape of your eyebrow. 


With these tips, you can bring more attention to your natural features. Do you have any suggestions to share? Let us know in the comments!

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